Tuesday, December 16, 2008

* He's Back! *

If you remember this post my OB left me one month before Emery is due, and now a friend of mine just let me know that he's coming back in January! (A little history: One Dr. delivered Trey, but Dr. McGuirk was on call throughout the night and we LOVED him, so we switched to him the second time around.) You can read in this post, this post, or this post about some of my pregnancy 'fun' after he left. I will be one of the first to make my well woman appointment to give him an ear full! :) That was kind of fun reading back thru those old posts and reminiscing. Praise God for a healthy Emery, but I did have quite a bone to pick with the 'fill-in' Doctor. In my awesome medical opinion, I did not have preeclampsia. I never swelled, I felt fine (for the most part), and my blood pressure was PERFECT in the midst of labor. hmmm. Anywho, I am so excited he is back! NO, we will not be having any more babies to keep him employed. Just in case you were wondering. No way Jose. Just had to make that last part clear. :)

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