Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product of the Week

My good friend Tiffanie has started a fun link up and I thought I'd join in! At first, I was like...Kristy, you don't use anything that people don't already know about so just check out everybody else's fun stuff. Then, I thought I could make mine photography related, since I do actually know a little bit about that!

The world of DSLR's has totally exploded in the last year or so. They're becoming more affordable, and people want to be able to get quality pictures of their own kids or of their fun travels. Almost all of the DSLR's come as a package deal, and you take home a standard kit lens for the camera. I know with Nikon, that it's usually an 18-55mm 3.5f. Of course, that lens takes a good didn't pay $500+ for nothin'! However, I get a lot of questions on how I get the pretty, blurry background. To get that effect, you're going to want a lens that has a lower f stop than 3.5. If you're taking pictures of your kids, I highly recommend investing in the 50mm 1.8 lens...both Canon and Nikon have one and they are relatively affordable. I promise, you won't take it off of your camera. I rarely do. You do have to get used to the fact that it is a prime lens, meaning you don't zoom, you have to move to get the pic...but you'll love it. I realize that I have a picture of the 50mm 1.4 here, because that's what I use and LOVE. The first place Joe and I always look at lenses is BHPhoto&Video.

Here's a recent pic of Trey taken with my 50mm 1.4

If you want to go check out some more super cool products, click the button below!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Trey!

In exactly 13 minutes, Trey will be 6 years old! How bad is it that I will always remember what time he was the 2nd period bell, 9:28. That's a teacher for ya!

What a ride it has been! I wouldn't trade him for the world. He is 210% boy...just ask anyone that knows him. :) However, he has a heart of gold (most of the time) and likes to make sure everyone around him is happy. He is also a rule knower, notice I didn't say follower. Most of the time, he follows the rules...but ALL of the time he can tell you what those rules are.

He LOVES his little sister, and she adores him! Don't worry that Emery has a room full of girl toys, but 99% of the time she can be found under Trey's feet.

Trey is probably a little too smart for his own good...he is excelling in school and making us proud. He has already asked a girl to marry him, don't worry...her daddy said no. :) In his writing journal, at least 7 days out of the 30, he has written 'I love Audree'. Pretty sure he's gonna break some hearts in the coming years.

One of his favorite places to go is to church...I LOVE that. He is highly upset with us on the weekends if we don't make it to church. When KSBJ is on in the car, usually he chimes in and can sing the songs with us. He (and Emery too) is a singer...walks around the house singing, and on a lot of nights puts himself to sleep singing in his bed.

Trey, buddy...we love you and can't wait to celebrate with you at lunch today and dinner tonight!!

I'll leave you with some pictures...Trey's birthday session is coming up shortly, but I couldn't get it done before today! :)

Where'd my little boy go?!

OH, how he LOVES his cousin Gaines! :)

Trey and Coach Neill...
Unfortunately, Trey does ANYTHING Coach Neill asks him to do. :)

Singing with Uncle Cody...he is a HAM!

 Big time fishermen!

LOVED (and still does) his Nana

Always looking out for his little sister...
He's the only one that can mess with her. :)

He did great in soccer this Fall...

He's a 'Hackers' fan with his daddy.

 His most recent picture...LOVE this kid. {and his sister too!} :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Very Own Creeper

Joe has been my biggest cheerleader thru the start up of my photography business. When we're not in football and basketball seasons, chances are he is at the different shoots as my assistant. He is a pretty darn good photographer too, so it's nice to have his help. At the start of last summer, we went out on a shoot with one of his senior athletes. It actually was a family affair, as the senior {Daylan} brought along his whole family {LOVE them!}. We had a BLAST together. Towards the end, we were snapping a few last minute shots and as I'm firing away I'm noticing Joe slipping in to the back of the pic and saying 'Shhh' with his finger over his mouth. Sure enough, he had decided to creep on Daylan's picture. Late that night, I was getting a little delirious as I was editing, so I pulled up those pictures in Lightroom. We couldn't stop laughing...I quickly edited one and uploaded it to Facebook. Who knew, but that was one popular picture. Fast forward a few months or so, and Joe kept appearing in my shots...creating the Creeper Collection, now on my Facebook. Y'all, I seriously now have requests for the Creeper to be at my sessions...

Meet the Creeper {his behind the scenes look}...

The picture that started it all...

A few more of his appearances...

However, he does NOT creep on Preston...just makes him smile for me.

I'm not joking when people want the book of all of Joe's creeping pictures. It will definitely be in the works, I just want it to be a nice big book, so we gotta get busy. Speaking of busy...have you reserved your spot for this?