Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wildcats win, Wildcats win, Wildcats win?!! Joe's team {Cy Woods}, as a 2nd year varsity program had made it to the third round of the playoffs again this year. However, most people counted them out of their match up as soon as they found out who the opponent was. Dallas Skyline...{insert the spooky music here}. Skyline has been touted all year as a State favorite, because they are HEAVILY loaded with D-1 prospects. You can read about what people thought here. Fast forward, because I've already given away the ending. Woods trailed 14-7 until the 4th quarter. They even trailed 21-14 with 2 and a half minutes left. Time out - let me let you in on a little statistic...the Skyline quarterback had thrown ZERO interceptions ALL season...until those final 2 and a half minutes. He now has 2 interceptions for the year. Go Wildcat defense. Woods scored 14 points in the final two and a half minutes, and might have scored one of the biggest upsets of this years playoffs. It has to be one of the most exciting games I've been a part of, and I am beyond proud of those boys and the coaches. While I never thought we might get killed, my mindset had been that anything can happen, but I knew those Skyline boys were BIG. Anything did happen, and that win makes the struggles of football season totally worth it.

While the winning was more than fabulous, can we discuss stand/bleacher etiquette? To the gentleman {and I use that word lightly} who felt the need to use the words s{p}it and {d}uck (replace whatever letters you'd like!) during his rant of the players and that they were giving the game away...shame on you. Shame on you, when I asked you VERY politely to please watch your language because there were kids around, that you yelled at me to turn around and pay attention to the game or move. Oh, how I wish I had the nerve of Leigh Anne Tuoy {The Blind Side} to tell that "Crotch mouth" to sit down and shut up. Mimi, however, did tell him to shut up. Okay, moving on. Unfortunately, the fun in the bleachers didn't end there. I promise one of these years, I will let the words "Come on Coach!" roll off my back and ignore them. I'm just not there yet. Those words came flying out of another "gentleman's" mouth at the end of the first half, when Woods decided to head to the locker room with the ball, because we were getting the ball back first thing of the second half {hmm...did they think of that?}. Moving on, I politely said, "There is a coach's family directly behind you, with his children, could you please refrain from yelling at the coaches please." Part of my problem is, that Trey identifies his daddy as a Coach and all of his buddies. He knows when someone is yelling at them, and I don't want to have to explain that, I shouldn't have to. To top it off, the "lady" sitting with them turns around and states that they are coaches {completely baffles me}. In which case, I turn to my cousin and say, "You'd think they know better!" A few more words were exchanged, in which all I asked for was good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is cheering FOR the team/coaches/band/dancers, etc....nothing negative. I guess I am on a personal quest to clean up the stands. We'll see how well that goes over. Well, there you have it for the therapy section of my blog.

There is a potential 2 more games left of this football season. My stance on that, is if we've come this far, we might as well go for it! Again, this week...the cards are stacked against us and I don't think people are giving Woods a chance against Round Rock Stony Point. In which, I say...Bring it!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the kiddos, from our friend Miss Sheila! Love them!

Friday, November 20, 2009

So Proud...

On Wednesday, Trey's school had their Fall Feast Mini-Program. I am so blessed to have my conference period during his school time. I was a little nervous to see how he would do. Um. He. Rocked. It. He was BY FAR, the best in the class. {I am not biased. At all.} And, ,yes the kids around him are his age. Even the doctors think he is enormous, what do you expect? The kids that are his size are in the older class.

Any how, there were kids having melt downs, kids looking clueless...not mine. :) I don't think I wiped the smile off of my face all day. The proof is in the pudding video. Check it out.

P.S. If you're on Facebook, you can move on to the next blog. :) You've probably already seen this, and more.

Much Better... re-design. It's good for the soul. Maybe not for me, seeing as how it is after midnight. But, I feel better now. I want in the Christmas spirit. I do. Hence the new look. Then, it came time for the new music player. Y'all, I tried...I really, really did. I couldn't do the Christmas music yet. I just wasn't feeling it. So, for get some of my favorites. Click that arrow on the music player until you get to The Band of Heathens. They.Are.GOOD. They're very talented, and that'll get ya.

Moving on. Let me shout this from the roof top. I do not have one. thing. that I have to do this weekend. You heard it right. (1) the house keepers are coming tomorrow...p.s. don't laugh that it takes 2 people to clean my house. (2) I do not have 1 photo shoot, not 1...and for the first time in a long time, that is okay! (3) Joe plays on Friday and not Saturday, and that leaves at least a 5% chance we'll see him for more than just a couple of hours...and the list goes on.

Tomorrow is Friday. My favorite day of the week. To celebrate, I'm off to go watch Friday Night Light Lights...yes, I know it is almost 1 a.m. But, tomorrow is Friday...enough said.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Has Been...

Yesterday's post is now officially marked a 'has been'. I had been worried sick with a lump in my throat for 24 hours. I am officially singing a new the tune of 'God is great, and Trey is healthy!'. I know the phrase, 'If you worry, don't pray...and if you pray, don't worry." I get that...but I don't think my mind is physically capable of that. I guess I can thank the devil for that, because my mind has gone where it never should have gone since yesterday.

Since the doctor's update won't fit in my 140 characters on Facebook, I thought I'd put it here. Dr. Staton with Cy Fair ENT, might just be my new favorite person. He had us laughing and relaxed before we even got called back. He happened to be sitting at the front desk when we walked in. No Dr. coat, or anything...I wasn't even sure who it was. However, his first words were, "HOLY COW, you are a giant 3 year old. Look at that guy, he's bigger than my 6 year old daughter!" I laughed. We got the appointment today by agreeing to be 'worked in'. I was expecting a LONG wait. 5 minutes later we were in a room with Dr. Staton. Trey was trying to tackle him, he had Trey bent over his knee tickling him...not your general first meeting with a doctor. Just the way I like it. Trey's good like that. Moving on...He felt Trey's lymph nodes, he looked in his throat, and then it came. "This is it? I expected something MUCH larger." In a nutshell, Trey doesn't even really have an infected throat, nor does he have abnormal size lymph nodes. He felt like Trey's nodes were within the normal range, and nice and squishy, and not out of place. I asked him if he thought we should do an ultrasound/blood work to make sure, and he reassured me that he wouldn't even do that if it was his child. I feel like 2 tons has been lifted off of my chest. Praise God. How silly do I feel, that I could worry like that? I can't fault Dr. Parikh, because he was legitimately concerned for Trey. I wouldn't want it any other way. I saw the concern in his face, and that is when my alarm went off. Dr. Staton trusts Parikh too {Parikh happens to be his Dr. too!}, but as Staton said it's his job to know the neck, and Trey's neck feels just fine.

I feel so blessed to have friends {some that I know well, some I don't} that surrounded us in prayer yesterday and today. Thank you. I can't tell you how much it means to Joe and me. When we got in the car after the appointment, we both kind of looked at each other and Joe said he felt silly for even preparing for the worst. I felt the same. We were reassured today that God is great, and Trey is healthy!

And just for good measure...a picture from Miss Sheila. Love her.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Tell Me...

Not to worry. I am sick to my stomach, and I don't even know that there is something wrong. Here's why...

Trey has had several bouts of tonsillitis in the last year. I'd say at least 3 or 4. His throat gets really red, and his lymph nodes get enlarged. Well on Sept. 28 he had another go round of it. And then again in mid October. 2 different antibiotics. He has been telling me for the last day that his throat still hurts, and his neck hurts. I can deal with throat, but when you say neck...we better go to the doctor. I took Trey in to our favorite doctor today. Yes, his throat shows a few signs of infection. However, the troubling look on the doctors face when he feels Trey's lymph nodes just flipped a switch in me. Worry time. His lymph nodes have gone down a bit from the last time he examined him...on the sidelines of Joe's football game two weeks ago. However, there's another lymph node in there that is swollen. Trey is the mascot at Dr. Parikh's office...I swear they'd hire him if they could. They all get smiles on their faces when Trey decides he's sick. Hence the reason, Dr. Parikh said we're going to be aggressive with this...Dr. Parikh's exact words. "Most kids I would send home and tell them to call me in a few weeks if they haven't gone down. This is Trey, we're going to make sure." We need to get blood work done, and possibly biopsy these lymph nodes. In case you don't know...this is how the diagnosis of Lymphoma starts. However, Dr. Parikh is 99% sure that this is just a prolonged infection, and stubborn lymph nodes {that can stay enlarged for up to 3 months}...but like he said, this is Trey...we have to make sure.

Someone please hand me a trash can. I need to vomit now. While I love this blog world, it also leads me to read several stories of why I should be worried. However, God gives and takes away...and I will choose to follow him.

I got Trey in to the ENT tomorrow at 2:30, where we will just go from there. No, I will not sleep until then. Yes, I've cried. If you know me, I am a silent worrier. But, we need prayers please. Prayers for peace until we find out that this nothing. Prayers that this IS nothing. Prayers for Trey, that he remain the healthy, spunky, sweet Trey that he is and always will be. This blog post will hopefully become a 'has been' and I will praise God when it is.

I'm scared.

Monday, November 9, 2009

{The Blind Side}

I must see this movie. I WILL have a babysitter on the day it comes out. This is the first movie in a LONG time that I have been this excited about.

Why am I excited? Let me list the ways:
(1)Tim McGraw, do I need to go on?
(2)Sandra Bullock is awesome.
(3)It involves football.
(4)The story looks AWESOME.
(5)Being in education, the thought of doing this has crossed my mind more than once.

That's why. Have a great week!

P.S. I've had a lot of awesome families to photograph lately, go check it out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just a Few Days Behind...

Where has the time gone? Thought I'd share these before, HELLO, it's right around the corner. :) Anyway, if we're friends on Facebook, feel free to continue on with your stalking...these have been up on Facebook since Halloween. Enjoy! :)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: 09 Halloween