Thursday, April 19, 2012

product of the week: picmonkey

I thought I would venture back out to the land of the living in the blog world! I've kept a lot of my potw posts in the photography realm, so why fix what ain't broke?! :) I am a Photoshop lover and doer, and will be until the end of time...and Lightroom too. 

However, I have a ton of friends that (a) don't have Photoshop, (b) don't have the patience for it, or (c) could care less. Such friends had turned to sometimes using Picnik to edit their photos quickly and for FREE. However, Picnik is finito as of yesterday. Enter PicMonkey. I had seen a pin for it on Pinterest and said to myself 'Let me see what all of this fuss is about'. It's really pretty nifty. Don't worry that one of the little filters they have available is 'WEIGHT LOSS'. {it's subtle y'all...not 20 pounds} So, if you're in the need for a quick little fixer upper for your photos, I'd definitely check this out! You don't even have to make an account. 

Head on over to Tiffanie's blog to check out some other cool people and products!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Time is flying by! I can barely keep up with my family schedule, hence the lack of posts! Spring is in full effect, and it's a miracle if we don't have something on any given day. My lil' photography business is blowing up, and I'm loving it...but, haven't found the nerve to take the plunge full time. {I kind of like my 'clock work' pay check, that I know is going to show up in my account every two weeks} :)

Joe and I got to escape on Saturday and go celebrate two of our friends getting married. We had a blast. We can clean up pretty well, when we want to.

The kids are growing at an alarming rate. Not really alarming to us, but any body that goes too long without seeing them. We are surviving Kindergarten, and everything that comes with it. Emery will start preschool next year. We're going to hold her back, so she won't start Kindergarten until she is 6. {This may or may not be for athletic purposes} 

There are only 26 days left of school.........I think I can, I think I can. We'll be off the first of June to Illinois for our road trip. CanNOT wait! Well, maybe I can wait because last time we drove the 16 hours Emery wasn't talking. It could get interesting this go round!