Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall, Where Are You?

In honor of the temperature tomorrow being 107 degrees...seriously?! I thought I would jump ahead to some of my planned Fall projects. Planned being the key word...we shall see if they actually come to fruition! Well, I did knock one of these off my list already...most mom's have it together to get a first day gift to the teacher, well what teacher doesn't want a gift on Friday?! Trey's teacher got a 'Thanks for a great first week!' gift. Compliments of Pinterest of course! P.S. Pinterest is my BEST friend. {Let me know if you need an invite for Pinterest}

I want to jazz it up, add some fun orange glitter letters? Maybe a ghost...

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Come heck or high water...I'm painting some pumpkins this year!

Call me a kiss up, but Trey's teacher will be pulling
this out of Trey's backpack this morning. I didn't take a picture...
but I must say, I jazzed it up in a cute tin and painted her name on the top

I think I'll make these for our football party this year...

Joe's first game is next week! I am SUPER excited about a necklace that is coming in this old {she's not old, our families have known each other since the 80's}, family friend Brandy makes some AWESOME jewelry. I can't wait to get my I heart Coach Owens necklace! Happy Friday! We survived the first week of school!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was the day...

When you're holding your little babies, you think this day is SO FAR AWAY. It's not. It snuck up on us, and Trey was SO ready. I wasn't, but he was. I almost cried when I kissed him goodbye this morning, but due to my eye liner and mascara for my first day back to school, I fought it would've been an ugly cry. I think I almost cried in the car rider line because I couldn't wait to hear about his day! We are so fortunate that we have some familiar faces in his class, and he has an awesome, experienced teacher. Poor Trey doesn't have any hope of being a hooligan at school with Joe and I both being teachers! I need to get my stuff together to get his teacher's gift together, yes...I'm bribing. Don't judge. :) It'll hopefully be ready by Friday, for a 'Yay, we made it one week!' gift! Hope everyone has a great week...I think the only way I'm going to make it thru the week is with my beloved Rt 44.

Monday, August 15, 2011


My baby starts kindergarten on still has not sunk in. I don't know if I should ask for prayers for his teacher {Trey is ALL boy}, or if I'm gonna need some prayers...{I'm gonna try my hardest to not be the bumblin' mess of a mom dropping him off on his first day}

Hallelujah for my awesome principal who is letting me off for the first two periods on the first day of school...he rocks!

He is all supplies bought {um, hello $50+?!}, plenty of new clothes, and the back pack all ready to go!

It's the eyes...

Last week, we headed out to take Trey's back to school pictures. Of course, Miss Mess was not to be outdone. Out of all the pictures, this seems to be the favorite because of her eyes. When I saw the theme for I heart faces this week {beautiful eyes}, I knew I had to share this shot. Go check out I heart faces and browse thru some awesome shots.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Window...

Last Spring, I was blessed to go on a little shopping trip with Grandma and her friends in downtown McKinney. We had an awesome time, and even got texts from Joe asking if we were ever coming home! I stumbled across this window in a cute little shop, and almost walked right past it thinking it was just part of the shop. It was hanging by hooks in a little opening. Then, I saw a little price tag hanging from it...much to my surprise, it was only $35! {usually Joe and I are good about talking to each other before a purchase, but I snatched this one and ran because I knew if he disapproved that I could sell it for probably double!}

It only took about 4 months, but Joe and I finally got it together! We filled each space with scrapbook paper and then cut 8x10's down to fit in the area. To make them stick, my genius husband, cut up a cardboard box into strips and wedged them in the openings. It worked so much better, than my idea of trying to tape to brittle wood! There are still 2 openings, which are going to be filled with a solid paper, and a vinyl decal with our last name and a little quote. Can't wait until it's ALL done...however, I'm enjoying it now just the way it is.

I need to fill the 2 antique jars with something, but am drawing a blank. I need my decorating friends {cough, cough...Tiffanie} to make some suggestions. :) I'm undecided on the wire thing on the right, I picked it up at a garage sale this weekend for $2. I thought that I'd really like this corner fire place when we first moved in, but it's only taken me 8 years to find something that I love that fills the space!

On a totally different topic, I signed Trey up for kindergarten today....don't worry that I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a margarita some time soon! {definitely AFTER weigh in at WW on Thursday} In the meantime, I'm off to tackle the ever growing pile of laundry in the laundry room. I'm tempted to go buy one of those pincher grabber {thingies} at the dollar store to pick up Joe's 2-a-day clothes....just sayin.

Friday, August 5, 2011

We Now Interrupt...

Dear Anonymous...I'm back. :) {I guess people really do read the blog...even, if it's you Grandma} :)

Truth be told, I may or may not blog during my conference period at school...well, that and the fact that this lil' photography business of mine has kept me far busier this summer than I probably deserve. I absolutely LOVE it, and can't wait to see what the future holds for that. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to keep up with much of anything, so if you're looking for my most recent photo shoots, the best place to find those is to become a fan on Facebook! :)

Moving on...We've had a great summer and now it is officially over. Joe returned to football practice on Monday. Hence the title of this post. I need to go dust off my favorite pillow and put it back out on the couch...You know, the one that says 'We now interrupt this marriage for football season'. It is the truth. I've probably seen Joe for a combined 2 hours all week? Otherwise, I'm forcing my hand out from under the covers to wave bye to him in the morning or I get to see him for a few minutes before he collapses from pure exhaustion. In case you've been under a rock in the last month, Texas is hot y'all. Ridiculously hot. I've had 2 friends post on Facebook about a can of coke exploding in their car or a tube of apoxy or something busting. Seriously...where is Fall?

I figured I better share some pictures, so that y'all know Trey and Em are still alive and kickin'. That they are...more like alive and sprintin'...they keep you on your toes!

We've spent lots of time in the pool...

Trey's a high flyer!

Emery, on the otherhand...cleans the side of the pool.
Trust me, she doesn't get it from me...

When Joe and I went to Coaches Outreach...
The Grandma's took Trey and Em on their first airplane ride...
Who do you think was a scaredy cat?! It wasn't Emery!!

A couple of weeks ago, I got to go do a college senior shoot at aTm.
It was for a former student of mine, and we had a great time...
Joe grabbed this shot of Trey...LOVE it.

Okay, okay...I'm almost done. I figured I better make it a long post for my comeback. Last week was our last true FREE weekend until....hmmm, probably NOVEMBER. So, what is one to do?! Oh, you know...tear out the carpet in the study...lay new wood baseboards...that's all. One day, it'll be my lil' office for my business. If anyone wants to throw in a Macbook Pro with all of the Adobe fixin's it would be well received. JUST KIDDING. Anyway, here are a few pics of the remodel. It's not all put back together yet, but it's getting there.

The left is the start...right, is the work in progress

The current state...
Just have to finish up the baseboards and lay the quarter round...
And find the perfect white antique desk, and shelves, and pictures...but hey, who's keepin' track?

Up next for this blog? Probably the Fall blog makeover...a girl can wish, right? Maybe it'll bring the cooler temps with it. Oh yeah, and my therapy for the fact that I will have a kindergartner in 2 weeks? Don't get me started.