Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall, Where Are You?

In honor of the temperature tomorrow being 107 degrees...seriously?! I thought I would jump ahead to some of my planned Fall projects. Planned being the key word...we shall see if they actually come to fruition! Well, I did knock one of these off my list already...most mom's have it together to get a first day gift to the teacher, well what teacher doesn't want a gift on Friday?! Trey's teacher got a 'Thanks for a great first week!' gift. Compliments of Pinterest of course! P.S. Pinterest is my BEST friend. {Let me know if you need an invite for Pinterest}

I want to jazz it up, add some fun orange glitter letters? Maybe a ghost...

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Come heck or high water...I'm painting some pumpkins this year!

Call me a kiss up, but Trey's teacher will be pulling
this out of Trey's backpack this morning. I didn't take a picture...
but I must say, I jazzed it up in a cute tin and painted her name on the top

I think I'll make these for our football party this year...

Joe's first game is next week! I am SUPER excited about a necklace that is coming in this old {she's not old, our families have known each other since the 80's}, family friend Brandy makes some AWESOME jewelry. I can't wait to get my I heart Coach Owens necklace! Happy Friday! We survived the first week of school!

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