Friday, September 2, 2011

In an effort to get something on the blog, I'm going to break it down to bullets. Don't judge.

  • Emery is living large being by herself at the babysitter. {AKA Grammie's}. The other day, we were on our way to the car rider line to pick up Trey and this is what I hear from the back seat, "I don't want to pick up Trey!" No worries, that was short lived and the next time he mentioned 'leaving', she threw a grade 10 fit on the floor. 
  • Tonight is Joe's first regular season game...please tell me why I'm nervous? Oh, that's right...the outcome will determine how pleasant this 3 day weekend will be!
  • Trey is doing well at school, he already has a that actually claims him! He needs to watch himself, she has 2 older brothers at school that'll eat his lunch if he's not nice.
  • Speaking of Trey, we hadn't been able to kick a pesky cough for going on 2 weeks. He didn't have a fever, so I tried to be 'cool' mom and let him ride it out. Until a lovely rash appeared 2 days ago. Diagnosis? RUNNING Walking Pneumonia. Why running you ask? Well, one with pneumonia would usually be laid up...not Trey, he's been running around crazy over the last couple of weeks! I think we were about 30 seconds from heading to the ER, if the Pulse Ox reader didn't get the right reading. We are loaded up with a nebulizer/albuterol, antibiotic, and steroid.
  • I LOVE our doctor. He is Joe's team doctor, and really looks out for us. Including telling Trey to stay home from school, but he'd see us at the football game tonight. {Priorities people, priorities}
  • I am beating the busses this afternoon and getting home...why? It's Friday, Friday {nevermind}...BUT, it's cleaning lady day, and I love pulling into the garage and smelling Fabuloso. 
The End.

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