Friday, May 30, 2008

* Sigh *

Well, if our family isn't a sight to see, I don't know what is. Joe and I just looked at each other in disgust this evening trying to figure out what we would have for dinner. I wasn't cooking, and he wasn't moving, so our options were limited. Let me back up for a second...Joe spent most of the afternoon in bed with a 101 fever, aches, etc....which leads me to believe he is coming down with the chicken pox that he never had. He's not spotted yet, but another day or so will tell us if he has it or not. Trey beat his fever pretty quickly and is back to ruling/running the roost as usual. Wednesday, I was in the worst pain I think I've experienced since Trey came along. I could not get comfortable to save my life, and retreated to the bath tub at 4 in the morning. The pain was all thru my rib cage, and any sort of movement took a moment to talk myself into. I went to school and gave my finals, but left early to high-tail it to the Brewers' pool in search of some comfort. The water does help, but I had called the Doctor just in case. Due to my high blood pressure concern, etc...they asked me to come in to labor & delivery to rule some things out. Everything was ruled out, thank GOD, and I was sent on my merry way after 5 1/2 hours with 2 tylenol and some maalox. Yipee. Well, miraculously in the middle of the night (3:30 a.m., to be exact) Trey decided it was time to play on his 'car roads' (his rug in the middle of his room that has streets for him to play on)...Joe threw him in bed with us, and when I went to roll over, I noticed that the pain had miraculously disappeared! Thursday was a pain free day! I spoke too soon, because as I sit here and type this, I am hyping myself up to get out of the recliner and head to bed (the pain is back...I think Miss Emery is jacking all of my organs in to my rib cage from time to time). As I told my mom Wednesday morning, Emery Rae Owens, better be the cutest girl on this side of the Mississippi for this! :) Just kidding, as long as she is healthy, I can put up with a lot! (I think)...Well, say a little prayer for us, that the Owens' will make it thru the coming weeks in one piece! :) Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

' Chicken Bites '

So, for the past couple of weeks Joe and I thought our son was the main entree for a pile of ants. Simply because his little legs had little red 'bites' that looked like typical ant bites. Then, on Friday or Saturday, with the help of Mimi and Grandma we diagnosed two other areas of 'bites' as possible flea bites. However, today I found out that those were no ant bites, WE HAVE CHICKEN POX! :) I called my mom and said, 'Well, those weren't ant bites", they were 'chicken bites!'...she didn't get it at first. Let's just say its a good thing I have these extra estrogen hormones right now that are causing me to worry. Trey woke up from his nap today with a 102.8 fever, so I called the Dr. and headed that way. Luckily, I convinced daddy to go with us. After the Dr. checked the ears and throat (which was my diagnosis) he started scanning Trey's legs, and I was feeding him my ant bite theory. He asked me if I was sure those were ant bites.....ummm negative, I didn't actually see the ants gnawing on his legs, I never do. Then, I showed him 2 other spots (upper back and upper thigh) with a few more spots (our diagnosis of those were flea bites)....At that point, he was like, "Um, those aren't bites".....HELLO! Bad mother of the year! :) Just kidding. So, there is no treatment for kiddos with chickn pox, however when their father (hmmm, Joe) hasn't had them it is a slight problem. I know, I'm 3o weeks pregnant, but I've had them and the Dr. and my OB/GYN have assured me that Emery and I are in the clear. Joe, on the other hand, has been started on anti-viral meds to hopefully fend it off. Say a little prayer for him, because he is in bed feeling achey. Stay away spots!!!!

That was our excitement for today. This weekend though, we had a fabulous time with Grandma & Papa Owens. They came in town from Wylie, and stayed all weekend. Trey helped bake Papa a birthday cake, we have a little master chef on our hands. He absolutely loves his time with Grandma & Papa....he already misses them. I will post some pics later. For now, I am off to bed with a serious bout of indigestion! Gotta love it. Hurry up August! :) Hope everyone has a great week. I know I will, only 2 days left of school!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm not Toxic!

So, today I had to go back to the Dr. and get the results of my fun Sunday experiment to see if I had preeclampsia/toxemia. My blood pressure was still too high when they checked it today...140/90. Hmmm, maybe because I was on pins and needles to see if I was toxic or not! But, then I got back in the room and the doc came in and told me my toxemia numbers looked good, and I was not going to be considered as toxic. *phew* That's the good news for the day. The bad news is that my blood pressure is still too's what they call gestational hypertension. For normal people, that means I have high blood pressure caused by being prego. They just want me to take it easy, monitor my BP twice a day or so, and go to the Dr. weekly. The Dr. was satisfied with everything else: weight gain, iron levels, Emery's measurements, heart rate, that is calming. My first question to him was: "What can I do to get my BP down", his smart ass remark was..."um, as long as you have a placenta, you will have high BP". Here I am, actually asking to go on a diet for once, and he tells me it won't matter. Thanks buddy! :) Bring on the Blue Bell...I'M JUST KIDDING. Be ready to read a lot this summer, because there is a good chance that I will end up on bed rest before all is said and done. Anyway, I'll keep ya updated on how everything continues to go.

Trey's Version...

This is Trey's new version of the prayer we say at the dinner table...that is when we are home to eat! :)

God is great,
God is good,
Let us *spank* him for our food.

Trey repeats each line after daddy. Daddy says, "Let us thank him for our food", and that is what we get from Trey. Nice, huh!

Monday, May 19, 2008

* ahem *

Just a short announcement...'TREY USED THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME TONIGHT!" Don't worry, I haven't invested in underwear yet, just had to spread the word. Is it really lame if you are jumping up and down as your toddler is using the potty? Just a thought! :)

Weekly Post!

Well, we've had a pretty good weekend, where I feel like I actually accomplished something. * Thanks Mom * My mom came over yesterday and helped me get Trey all moved into his big boy room. He has been sleeping in there, but we hadn't moved all of his clothes/toys/etc. in there yet. Did you know that it is really hard to get motivated to get moving when you're 7 mos. prego? Anyhow, Trey is in love with his new room. Probably the reason it took him until almost 10 o'clock last night to get to sleep! He was too busy bossing Shrek around in his bed. While Joe and I were watching the end of Desperate Housewives, I hear Trey yelling, so of course I go running. I bust into Trey's room like Supermom, and he looks at me like, "What are you doing?"...and when I look at him, he has Shrek by the hand and is obviously telling him how everything works in his new room. Anyhow, I think Trey went to bed sometime after that, because I did! :) I guess it is also a good sign that he likes his room, if he bounced out of bed this morning at 6 a.m. and said, "Mommy, I play on car road?"...he has a new rug in the middle of his room with roads on it for his cars. What Trey doesn't realize is that Daddy and I have to be walking out the back door at 6:10 to get to work on time, so playing on the car road doesn't exactly fit in our schedule! :)

Now on to fun prego stuff. Last week I went to the Dr. and he was a little concerned with my protein levels and said there is a chance that I may have preeclampsia/toxemia. So, he sent me on my way (with some fun goodies in tow), to do a little home experiment on Sunday for 24 hours. I had to drop off my experiment this morning at 8 a.m., and let's keep our fingers crossed that my protein levels were more balanced with a 24 hour sample, rather than one dr.'s visit sample. (that is the best way I can word it, without going into ghoury details!, Joe says you will appreciate it). *So, please say a prayer that everything comes out okay on Wednesday when I go back to check.* I'll update after my Dr.'s visit on Wednesday.

Since I am writing this post in reverse, we're now on to Saturday morning. I rolled out of bed at 6:30 to hit up the Longwood neighborhood Garage Sale. P.S. I LOVE GARAGE SALING! I found lots of good stuff: some clothes for Emery, big clay pots for a buck, deck storage bin, noodles for the Brewer's pool (8 for $1!!!), road rug for Trey's new room, books/toy for Trey...and yes, I still had quite a bit of my $60 left! :) The rest of the day was spent napping, and then off to church that evening. After church, Joe and I finally decided to invest in some new pillows for our bed. We haven't gotten new pillows in ages. I tend to change the channel when Oprah or Dateline try to tell me how many dust mites are in your pillow and that you should change them every year! :) Well, that's about it for our fun filled weekend....we're definitely looking forward to this coming up 3-day weekend!

*P.S. Grandma & Papa...Trey is requesting you come see his new room in person! :), I know that was cheap, but I know he has a lot more pull than Joe and I. ha ha!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Boy Bed, Mother's Day, and such...

Hello, Hello! I'm trying to keep up with all of this bloggin' stuff...I hope y'all are checkin' up on us. I have to start out by bragging on Trey and his transition to his big boy bed! We are officially in, and have been for over a week now! Can I get a hallelujah for the garage sale book that I found, "My Big Boy Bed Book". The first night we read it after our bath, I tried to go put Trey down in his crib. Well, he wasn't havin' it! He said, "No Mommy, big boy bed". Joe and I looked at each other and said, "Well, if you say so!" Of course I had to wake up twice during the night to check on him, but he was a champ! We now have the rail up, so I sleep a little better now. I think it was more of a transition for me, than it was for Trey! So, go ahead and mark that one down. WE ARE OUT OF THE CRIB! *just in time to fill it in the coming months!* Now, don't ask me about where all of his clothes and toys and stuff are...b/c yes, they are still in his other room. (1 step at a time please!)

Okay, just take a look at this picture. Trey is holding a butterfly that he painted for me with Grammie and Iggie.....way too cute! One of his first major creations...

Now, on to Mother's Day. I'm really excited about my present...a backyard makeover! This weekend I get to go pick out plants/flowers, etc! We love to play outside, but it gets kind of boring back there, so having the flowers out there will be a nice addition. Hopefully some patio furniture will be coming soon too! Anyhow, on Sunday we went to our church (LOVE IT...Community of Faith), my mom and Uncle Cody joined us for Trey's dedication. Trey had been baptized at my old church, but we wanted to dedicate him at our new church home. It was refreshing to see so many families dedicating themselves to God. From church, we all packed up and headed down to the booming metropolis of Lake Jackson, TX. My dad's mom, a.k.a. Nana, has been in a nursing home for several months after a broken hip. It has been hard to watch her decline. I was glad that we could all go down and see her, it really made her day that we were down there. Let me rephrase that, I would've been golden if just Trey showed up! We are all minced meat as long as he is there. However confused she sometimes seems, it is awesome to still see her bond with Trey. He got the biggest grin on his face when he saw her, he didn't care that she looks 10 years older than the last time he saw her. We got to eat a nice lunch, headed home, and got the week started. Nothing eventful thus far this week...stay tuned!

P.S. Only 11 days of school left!!! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Week thus Far...

Well, it's Wednesday and I'm finally settled enough to update! I posted pictures on Monday, simply because it was fast. Anyway, on to our weekend adventure. The SFAVB family, especially the second place era (what we have become known as), have to get together at least once a year. However, coach has jumped on the band wagon and hosts us in Nacogdoches every 3 years. This weekend some of the old timers from the 90's came, and there were also some of the new graduates into the SFAVB family. We had a great time. Saturday morning we had a little round robin tournament at the Coliseum. It was pretty fun to watch, however it was hard to sit and watch! After playing, since everybody was "stinky", we headed to La Carreta. If you haven't visited Nacogdoches, this was one of our staples. The only unfortunate part of La Carreta is the smell of B.O. on your clothes when you leave. The only way I could convince people to go, was to promise that they could go home and shower afterwards! Saturday night coach hosted us all at the coliseum for a dinner/program. Unfortunately, I was one of the "guest" speakers. It's a good thing that I perform best when I fly by the seat of my pants! :) My speech mainly consisted of a little walk down memory lane, made up with lots of laughs.

Anytime we visit Nac., our favorite place to stay is at the Rosewood don't go looking it up on the Internet. It is the home of some of our favorite people (John & Kay). It was a little bit sad this trip, because they are closing on the house and moving to Rosenberg next week. But, Rosenberg is much closer than Nac, so at least now we will be able to see them more often! Trey LOVES playing with John & Kay. This trip, Kay was wheel chair bound from a stress fracture in her leg. That didn't stop Trey from taking her on numerous trips, pushing her up and down the hallways and out into the driveway. We were all pretty amazed that he could actually push her on his own. Thank goodness that the Rosewood Inn has 2 guest rooms, it was definitely needed this trip. Trey has made the transition to a "Big Boy Bed", so I got to go to sleep with him both nights, while Daddy ventured out on the town like an ole' college kid. (Don't worry, it was with my full permission, b/c I knew he would be in good hands with all of my SFAVB sisters!) But, the agreement was that on Saturday night, he would relieve me and let me sleep by my self in the other bed! Well, 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning I arise to Trey saying "Mommy, Mommy"..."Change my diaper!". Seriously...I guess it is time to get the kid on a toilet. I thought it might be a blowout, but his size 5's get kind of tight when they are super-soaked! Needless to say, I got the diaper changed and am snuggling back in with my body pillow and Trey is staring me in the eyes, saying, "Mommy, I all done sleeping"....If you recall, it is 2:45 a.m. now!!! He then breaks out into song, which one I do not remember. Joe, being out on the town quickly received a text message from me that read..."So your son is awake...saying 'all done sleeping' and singing songs. No I'm not lying"...that is word for word, b/c I still have it on my phone! :) Anyway, I got a text right back saying, "I'm on my way!" :) Thank goodness for a good daddy! He quickly relieved me of my bed duty and I was sound asleep before long. Well, I guess this has been quite the novel, so I will finish up. Trey is doing/saying so many funny things check back for updates. Have a good week!

Monday, May 5, 2008

SFAVB Alumni Weekend

For any newcomers, SFAVB stands for Stephen F. Austin Volleyball. Here are some pictures from this past weekend. We had a reunion in Nacogdoches...tons of fun!

The Fam...
Joe Holding Up the 'KA' WallDani trying to keep Trey out of the Stephen F. Austin Fountain
Trey couldn't keep his eyes open any longer!
Part of the crew...