Tuesday, May 27, 2008

' Chicken Bites '

So, for the past couple of weeks Joe and I thought our son was the main entree for a pile of ants. Simply because his little legs had little red 'bites' that looked like typical ant bites. Then, on Friday or Saturday, with the help of Mimi and Grandma we diagnosed two other areas of 'bites' as possible flea bites. However, today I found out that those were no ant bites, WE HAVE CHICKEN POX! :) I called my mom and said, 'Well, those weren't ant bites", they were 'chicken bites!'...she didn't get it at first. Let's just say its a good thing I have these extra estrogen hormones right now that are causing me to worry. Trey woke up from his nap today with a 102.8 fever, so I called the Dr. and headed that way. Luckily, I convinced daddy to go with us. After the Dr. checked the ears and throat (which was my diagnosis) he started scanning Trey's legs, and I was feeding him my ant bite theory. He asked me if I was sure those were ant bites.....ummm negative, I didn't actually see the ants gnawing on his legs, I never do. Then, I showed him 2 other spots (upper back and upper thigh) with a few more spots (our diagnosis of those were flea bites)....At that point, he was like, "Um, those aren't bites".....HELLO! Bad mother of the year! :) Just kidding. So, there is no treatment for kiddos with chickn pox, however when their father (hmmm, Joe) hasn't had them it is a slight problem. I know, I'm 3o weeks pregnant, but I've had them and the Dr. and my OB/GYN have assured me that Emery and I are in the clear. Joe, on the other hand, has been started on anti-viral meds to hopefully fend it off. Say a little prayer for him, because he is in bed feeling achey. Stay away spots!!!!

That was our excitement for today. This weekend though, we had a fabulous time with Grandma & Papa Owens. They came in town from Wylie, and stayed all weekend. Trey helped bake Papa a birthday cake, we have a little master chef on our hands. He absolutely loves his time with Grandma & Papa....he already misses them. I will post some pics later. For now, I am off to bed with a serious bout of indigestion! Gotta love it. Hurry up August! :) Hope everyone has a great week. I know I will, only 2 days left of school!!!!

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