Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hands Full

My hands are full. While two kids barely qualifies me for a 'hands full' status...Trey and Emery's personalities put it over the top. These two are always entertaining. I don't think Trey has realized that his world is about to come crashing down. Emery is catching up to him fast, and she is going to set him straight. She is already going toe to toe with him...I'm betting that this summer is going to be very interesting. Especially the 18 hour drive to Illinois.

You see, Trey knows every rule in the book. He likes to enforce every rule in the book...especially with his sister. Emery, however, marches to the beat of her own drum and could care less about anybody's rules! I thought I'd share some day-to-day interaction for y'all to have some insight.

At two and a half, Emery has decided that she is the fashionista of the family. Getting her dressed these days is far from fun. The other day we decided to wash the car. It was high 70' I had a white t-shirt under her sun dress. It was too chilly for her to be outside in just the sun dress. Well, the little stinker went upstairs and took her shirt off and just wanted the sun dress. I informed her that she would have to wear the shirt under the dress if she was going to go play. She kicked and fought me tooth and nail to put that shirt on. I won the battle, but she sat on the stairs and screamed 'I DON'T WANT TO WEAR THIS. NO MOMMY.' I'm not over exaggerating when I tell you that she sat there for more than 5 minutes until daddy came to talk her off the stairs. I was going to let her sit there all afternoon, but hey...daddy is good as gold with his girl.

A couple of weeks ago on our way home from Dallas, Trey declares that he has to use the restroom. We finally stopped at a convenience store, and I lost the paper/rock/scissors with Joe, so I had to accompany him in. On our way back out to the car, I was informing Trey that if he didn't take a nap in the car, that he would have to take a nap when we got home. I hadn't gotten all the words out of my mouth when Trey spotted the end cap with the fun juice on it. You know the little bottles that have the characters as the lids?! Trey turned into a little entrepreneur. 'Mommy, if you get me this juice, I will take a nap for you.' Um, Trey...sorry buddy, ain't happenin'. 'Mommy, if you don't get me this juice, I'm NOT taking a nap!' OH, really...Needless to say, he was asleep in the car in less than half an hour...and NO he did not get the juice.

Half the time, I have to bite my lip so that I don't laugh out loud. I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


In an attempt to update the blog, so that y'all don't think I've fallen off the face of the earth...I'm going to bullet point my thoughts. Ready?

  • Is it 2:30 yet?
  • If I sneeze or cough one more time today, I'm going to crawl up under my desk and take a nap.
  • Have you heard about the blogging teacher? I thought her thoughts about high school students these days were pretty spot on. I hope I have a job tomorrow.
  • Yesterday, I spent entirely too much time on E-bay bidding on spring clothes for Emery. Don't judge...the outfits were like $2...don't mind that I've been outbid on 95% of them now.
  • Is it Friday yet?
  • I had fun with these families in Dallas this past weekend.
  • Y'all think I'm joking, but I'm napping today during my conference period.
  • I am SUPER pumped that my new camera bag is coming shortly...
  • I need to round up all the paper work so my awesome mother-in-law can do our taxes.
  • Once the taxes are done, I can get my new camera. Be jealous, it's awesome.
  • We have nothing scheduled this weekend, can I get a hallelujah?
  • The maid comes tomorrow, can I get another hallelujah?
  • Is it Spring Break yet?
Until next time...when I have something better to blog about. ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Emery. Where to start. The girl marches to the beat of her own drum. She is SO funny, but boy is she going to be a handful. Trey is just all boy, but he's predictable most of the time. Em, on the other hand...there's no predicting her.

The other day, I was putting her in this cute dress, but decided to put jeans underneath. I'm starting to put them on, and she starts flailing her legs and says, "NO MOMMY, not these jeans! CUTE jeans!" Yes, y' 2 1/2 years old, she tells me what she wants to wear. Don't worry, she hardly ever wins that battle...and she won't win that battle until she moves out.

Here was her reaction Saturday evening, when Trey and daddy left to run an errand...

It started out all smiles...

Wait, they left?

I wasn't invited...

I'll get them...just you wait.

I am already starting to check into therapy, this girl is going to put me thru the ringer...I'm only halfway joking. Don't you think Trey's snake snap bracelet totally makes her outfit?! Happy Monday...I'm already counting down to Friday, because we're headed to Dallas for some photo shoots, but more importantly see Grandma & Papa!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some more...

Ready for some more random?! Lately, I can't seem to get an original post going...we are just staying busy and livin' life. Therefore, here are a few of my random thoughts {again!}.

Em's bedding came this week {thank you Grandma!}. We are in the process of painting her headboard, getting her mattress {thank you Groupon/Mattress Firm}, and sending off her crib to my friend. You know it's time for a big girl bed, when she gets herself up and out of bed on a regular basis! Here's her bedding, I am lovin' it. Now, I just need a cute, little chandelier for the room and it'll be done! {Hey Tiffanie, can you come fix up the rest of my house?! I need help, and you rock it when it comes to decor} :)

I may or may not have been checking out Ebay the other day at work {I'll never tell}, and I saw these cute sandals.

The starting bid was still $.99, so I bid, thinking by the end of the week they'd be much higher. NOPE. Don't worry that the shipping was $12, but hey...$12.99 for Tommy sandals, I'll take it!

How could I forget...Monday was my birthday, and Joe pulled out all the stops and has now outdone me when it comes to thoughtful gifts...darn it. You know what that means? I have to bring my A-game this June {8 yr anniversary}. Anyway, he thought of the idea all by himself...I'm pretty proud. He sent e-mails out to a lot of my closest family and friends, and had them write a letter to me about our relationship or a favorite memory. Were talkin' I got letters from: my principal, a few coworkers, long time friends, college teammates, my mom, brother, mother-in-law, and Joe...and he put them all in a little book for me to have. Ladies, be jealous! Here's just one of the pages...

Yep, he pretty much knocked it out of the park! It's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten, EVER. In case you are wondering, I cried like a baby when I read thru it.

Moving on, so I don't start crying again...

I've been SUPER busy with the Valentine's mini sessions, and loving can check some of the sessions out over here. I've even got 3 sessions going when we head to Dallas over Valentine's weekend...

One of my friend's is taking me out for sushi, can we say excited?!

Well, if you've read this far, bravo to you! Hopefully, one of these days I will get back into a regular blogging routine. Hopefully.