Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Family Reunion

Saturday morning we got up bright and early, and headed to the land of Teague, Texas. If we're friends on Facebook, then you'll know you get extra bonus points if you know how to pronounce Teague. Nope, hooked on phonics doesn't work for this's Tig!

Anyways, we were just going out for the day and coming back that was really nice to just make sure Emery had diapers, and then we were on our way! We had lots of hands on deck, and I got to take a bunch of pictures, so all in all...we had a fabulous time!

Tonight is girls night, with some fellow coach's wives...let me just tell you that I can not remember the last true girl's night I had. Just because there tend to be girls out on the driveway when we do hang out, does not make it a girl's night! We are actually putting on something other than sweatpants and flip flops and leaving the kids home with the coach's! Woo hoo!

Moving on to the pictures! Hope everyone has a great week!

Grandma & Em

Water bottles make the best toys...
until they decide you need to wear the water.

Michelle & Shawn

Loving the little sand area with toys {life saver}

Trey got a piggy back from Ethan...
I'm thinkin' the cow had the right idea!

Papa and his this one.

Daddy, I want...{fill in the blank}


This is Billie & Beth Beene, quite possibly the cutest couple ever.
I just wanted to follow Billie around, and take pictures of him all day long.
Look at how he is looking at her...sweetness.

I'll end with my favorite pic of the day.
Our cousin Jackie and his lil' one. LOVE.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We are Home!

We made it home Sunday afternoon, and it felt great to sleep in our own beds. This might be my shortest post ever...we've been busy since we made it home, and I don't have any pictures {gasp}. I've been catching up on the laundry, and Joe's been working a TAKS prep class and SAC {athletes workout}. Trey's been taking swimming lessons from our dear friends, and Em is just along for the ride. I've cooked two nights in a row, and I might just make it a third tonight. Don't faint.

We made our summer to-do list on our drive home from Illinois, so we need to get crackin' on that. Lots of painting on that list!

We have started our countdown to our summer marriage retreat with Coaches Outreach. It is a fabulous organization that does this every summer, for coaches and their spouses. It really helps us survive the football season, and life in general. If you're a coaches wife and you've never heard of it...go check it out, fast! I think this year is all booked up, but get ready for next year.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and I hope I have something more interesting to post soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Time Travel

My mom mentioned that she wanted to get a few pictures of her grandparents house {her mom's parents} while we were here. This morning we loaded up, drove 10 minutes down the road and pulled over. She got up the nerve to knock on the front door, so I didn't look like a stalker. Lo and behold, the lady that lives there has lived there all of her life. Her father bought the house from my great grandfather! She still holds the bill of sale from my grandfather for a whopping $300. Such a cool little stop this morning. They've done a fabulous job keeping the integrity of the house, and they were so sweet to let us walk around and even take us inside.

The front

The birdhouses sit on the original posts from the porch...very cool.

The sweet lady is a fabulous gardener!

This is the original sidewalk leading to the back of the house...
Those are ALL hydrangeas up both sides. Gorgeous.

These are the original windows...

The dining room, used to be the living area...

LOVED this wall in her kitchen area...

This was SO fun...2 posts in one day, and I'm worn out. Next time you hear from me will be when I'm melting back home in the heat!

County Fair...

Today was a fun filled day for Trey. On the agenda? Trucking company in the morning, fishing with daddy, playing with cousins, and the County Fair! All in a days work! We are getting on the road bright and early morning, and heading to Dallas for our pit stop, and then home on Sunday. In case you're wondering...we don't wanna leave! :) Joe has inquired what football coaches make up here. Until he talked with a mom who has a son in football up is not Texas H.S. football. Not to mention, the other day it was 84 degrees at 3 p.m., the humidity was only 50%, and I was able to sit on the swing {let me reiterate that it was 3 p.m.!} and NOT sweat! Moving below.

The truck.

I'm convinced that this is how fishing should be...
The girl tells the boy how/where to cast...right?!

Fun times at the sand box...

After dinner, we headed to the fair with the kiddos...
We started at the animals...Isn't this guy cute?!

The Big Cat Habitat was out there...very cool.

Off to ride the rides...

Trey's favorite ride, last year...and this year!

Get some cotton candy with Mimi...

He asked us why he was eating

Climb on the tractors...

This was the sky on the way home...I don't think the picture does it justice!

Oh, and not to forget it was Mimi's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday!

Off for another fun day today before we have to leave in the morning...sniff, sniff.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interesting Day!

We started off trying to figure out what to do for the day. We decided we should make a quick run out to Lincoln's New Salem for an hour or so, while Emery was home napping. We loaded up, and then halfway there...we stumbled across these beauties.

Those are 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts. They were on their way across the country. Not sure what route they were on, as one of them was from Pennsylvania, another from Texas...and there were probably 10 more of them at this pit stop. Go ahead, google that car and see what it's worth! The couple that we talked to were SUPER nice, and let Trey sit up in their car and honk the horn! We almost turned around and went home because that might have been the highlight of our afternoon!

We headed on to New Salem to visit Lincoln's home sites.

Every one that works there is dressed up...

Here's the Blacksmith's cabin...

We happened across this guy...

Yes, he moonlights as Santa. Trey was very attentive,
as he was showing us how to make brooms.

Trey also attemtped to get this sweet girl to come with us...

Little door, or big man?

4 score and 7 years ago...

As we were leaving, an Amish group was unloading off of a tour bus...
I had to take a picture in fear that nobody would believe me...

All in all...I think we wore Trey out!

Today, there is no rain! YAY! I am headed out for some shopping and then we are headed out to the trucking company today. More pictures to come!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip Day 2...

We've had a really nice, relaxing weekend. We didn't get out much, just hung out and enjoyed the company. Yesterday we did go visit one of my former college coaches who lives out here. We had a great time with Jennie and her little one Jonah. Jonah and Trey played great together!

Jennie & the boys...

Here's Trey leading the way with a power tool {toy}...boys.

This is my uncle's backyard...We spend a LOT of time out there, doing this!
That's uncle Cody showing Trey the ropes. Trey caught his first fish yesterday!

I've enjoyed just playing with the camera in the yard...

Who needs bees, when ya got flies?

Today we are off to New Salem, Lincoln's home sites, and then for lunch we are having horseshoes @ Darcy's! YUM. If the weather holds off, we are also headed up to the trucking company for Trey to ride in the big trucks. Fun day in store...scratch that, looks like the rain may change our plans...oh well.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Road Again...

Well, we made it! Day 1 we headed to Dallas to hang out with grandma & papa, and had a blast. We stayed there a day and then got on the road towards Springfield, Missouri. It was only about 6 hours, which was a nice stopping point. We went to the famous Lamberts for dinner, and found a really cool footbridge over a ton of railroad tracks. Oh yeah, don't forget the biggest Bass Proshop EVER. If ya wanna see all of the pictures, you can go here. There's not a ton, and I have the Bass Proshop pictures on my iPhone. Anyways, here are a few of my favorites. We are having a BLAST...

The footbridge...

The train was about a foot under his feet!

Em wasn't too sure!

We weren't here an hour and found this in the grass...

Okay, we're off to dinner...I'll share more tomorrow {hopefully}.