Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh my goodness, school is out! However, you wouldn't know it from my stress level...I think our calendar has kicked into high gear the last week. We have something all the way up thru Tuesday evening, when we pull out Wednesday morning for our annual road trip up north.

I am teaching a new class next year, one which has no textbook...therefore, Monday morning I will be up bright and early, to try and help write some curriculum for the course. I think I may need to have my head examined.

Monday is Joe and I's 7 year anniversary! Time flies! We both agreed to go have a nice dinner and maybe a movie, and then possibly do something next week while we are in Illinois.

Tomorrow morning {I know, I'm out of order}, we are going with Trey's crush favorite teacher from preschool to take her senior pictures. We wanted to get some with her and Trey, because she means so much to him. Anytime he got any kind of reward in his class, it went to Miss Rachael!

This morning, we had a garage sale...bright and early at 5 a.m. I woke up to go put out the signs and get my caffeine fix. I waited until this morning to lay out and separate the kids clothes to sell. Y'all, I dang near HYPERVENTILATED when I kept opening bin after bin, to a ridiculous amount of clothes. So, what's one to do? Leave the last 3 bins stocked full, throw out some Walmart bags, and have grab bag for 2 bucks! Yes, I still had to take some of the clothes to our local charity.

While Joe and I were hustling to sell our junk, we noticed Trey was taking too long in the bathroom. Joe's statement was, "I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, he's been good this morning, he's probably playing his game in there." NOT 30 SECONDS LATER, we hear a big ol' crash. Anyone know where to get a new tank lid for your toilet? Trey is very much like his dad, as in he wanted to know how the toilet flushed...and I think you can figure the rest out. I'm thinkin' the $50 it will cost us to replace the lid, is a heck of a lot better than an ER visit because he smashed his foot!

Did I mention I pulled one of Emery's little pony tail holders out of her nose today when she was in the bathtub. It had been there since last night. I thought it was a boogerMother-of-the-Year, thank you. In my defense, she had a pony tail when I left her to go take these pictures...when I met back up with the fam for dinner, she didn't have a ponytail in her hair. One would think, she pulled it out and left it in the car. Not my daughter, she's GT.

I have some newer pictures, I think, but I'm too tired to go find them on my drive. I'm off to bed, I think.

By the way, our route next week is taking us from Dallas thru Joplin, MO and on to Springfield, Illinois...if you know of any stops we need to make, let me know!

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Steph said...

OMG! This is too funny. I shoved a screw up my nose when I was little. I think I turned out Okay:-)