Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wheels are Off!

We've been outside a lot lately enjoying this awesome know, before we have to monitor the extreme heat here in another month or so. :) Trey's bike has always had training wheels, but for whatever reason lately they really haven't been doing the other words, they were all jacked up. Not sure how it happened, but the only time they were really touching the ground was when he was turning. So, yesterday morning Trey just told Joe, "Daddy, please take off my training wheels"...Joe obliged. You know the scene when this happens, right? You see a daddy running behind the bike, holding on to the seat. Not with this kid...the wheels came off, Trey hopped on, and off he went. It was SO much fun to watch. He came back to the driveway, jumped off, and got high 5's all around.

I told Joe, "Well, it's like everything else he does..." For instance, potty training. We didn't really have to potty train seriously was from one day to the next, no diapers for me. I can count on less than my 10 fingers how many accidents he's had in 3 years. Time for the big boy bed...there were no fits, no sleepless nights, just jumped right in. Reading? He knew his sight words early on in Kindergarten, but having the patience to sit down and read sentences? No way. Until one day he came home with his card that he was in the reading club...Mom of the year moment as we pull away from the car rider line last month... "Hey mom, I'm in the reading club now!" Me: "You can read?!" Trey: "Duh, mom...that's why I'm in the reading club!" You know what that means? Spelling things out so the kids don't understand is coming to an end pretty quickly...DANG IT!

I love this kid {and his sister too!}.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Catch Up!

Goodness gracious, this blogging thing is getting away from me. I'll attempt to catch you up on some of our latest happenings via Instagram...

  • Joe and I were lucky enough to get away and go to the opening night of the Rodeo. Alabama was playing, and I must say we had a blast. It's fun when you know every word of every song. The sad thing? Only one of my students actually knew who Alabama was. {yes, I'm shaking my head}

  • The first couple of days of Spring Break Joe blessed me with a girl's getaway. We are adding another coach's wife to the group, and we wanted to celebrate! We had a shower for her Tuesday morning, and then surprised her with a quick trip to L'auberge in Lake Charles. Have you been? Um, hello...amazing. Something more amazing? When a super special friend gambles enough to get you the $1100/night suite COMP'd. We were running thru that suite like the kids from Real World when they get to the house...yes, we're all 30. Don't judge. Elaine's on the left, she's getting married next month...excited for that! If you look past the girls, you can see into the living area of the suite. There was a half bath, a bedroom, and an amazing bathroom. {the water for the jacuzzi tub came down from the ceiling.} I don't get out much, so it was SUPER fun.

  • We came back and then for us it was party time. We had a wedding to go to Friday night, then parties on Saturday and Sunday. Here's Trey and Em at the wedding. That tie maybe lasted 30 minutes on Trey, and then Emery decided it would make a fabulous accessory...

  • We are back in the full swing of things now. Trey came home Monday with this piece of work in his binder. If you can't tell...the boy is girl crazy. Audree is his 'real' girlfriend, but he does have eyes for Lilly too. He's 6 y'all...I don't even want to think about the teenage years. I think it'll be a good thing that he can run.

That catches me up for a little while. The countdown to summer is already on. Only 9 more Fridays!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product of the Week: Fage Yogurt

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Okay, Tiffanie...I'm gonna try and make a POTW comeback. :) I may be one of the last people on the Fage {Fa - Yeh} bandwagon, but I hope not. My mother-in-law {who's awesome} introduced it to me, and uses it religiously in her kitchen.

Here's the beauty of this yogurt..not only is it great with fruit/granola...try substituting this for sour cream. It works like a dream, plus it is a lot better for the diet. I can't tell you the last time I bought sour cream. Things I've used it in? Chicken enchiladas, broccoli salad, ranch dip, and the list goes on. Try it out, you won't be disappointed...well, maybe if you're my college roommate who is the poster child for sour cream and eats it religiously, but that's besides the point. Oh, and it's on sale at Kroger this week.