Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wheels are Off!

We've been outside a lot lately enjoying this awesome know, before we have to monitor the extreme heat here in another month or so. :) Trey's bike has always had training wheels, but for whatever reason lately they really haven't been doing the other words, they were all jacked up. Not sure how it happened, but the only time they were really touching the ground was when he was turning. So, yesterday morning Trey just told Joe, "Daddy, please take off my training wheels"...Joe obliged. You know the scene when this happens, right? You see a daddy running behind the bike, holding on to the seat. Not with this kid...the wheels came off, Trey hopped on, and off he went. It was SO much fun to watch. He came back to the driveway, jumped off, and got high 5's all around.

I told Joe, "Well, it's like everything else he does..." For instance, potty training. We didn't really have to potty train seriously was from one day to the next, no diapers for me. I can count on less than my 10 fingers how many accidents he's had in 3 years. Time for the big boy bed...there were no fits, no sleepless nights, just jumped right in. Reading? He knew his sight words early on in Kindergarten, but having the patience to sit down and read sentences? No way. Until one day he came home with his card that he was in the reading club...Mom of the year moment as we pull away from the car rider line last month... "Hey mom, I'm in the reading club now!" Me: "You can read?!" Trey: "Duh, mom...that's why I'm in the reading club!" You know what that means? Spelling things out so the kids don't understand is coming to an end pretty quickly...DANG IT!

I love this kid {and his sister too!}.

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