Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Week thus Far...

Well, it's Wednesday and I'm finally settled enough to update! I posted pictures on Monday, simply because it was fast. Anyway, on to our weekend adventure. The SFAVB family, especially the second place era (what we have become known as), have to get together at least once a year. However, coach has jumped on the band wagon and hosts us in Nacogdoches every 3 years. This weekend some of the old timers from the 90's came, and there were also some of the new graduates into the SFAVB family. We had a great time. Saturday morning we had a little round robin tournament at the Coliseum. It was pretty fun to watch, however it was hard to sit and watch! After playing, since everybody was "stinky", we headed to La Carreta. If you haven't visited Nacogdoches, this was one of our staples. The only unfortunate part of La Carreta is the smell of B.O. on your clothes when you leave. The only way I could convince people to go, was to promise that they could go home and shower afterwards! Saturday night coach hosted us all at the coliseum for a dinner/program. Unfortunately, I was one of the "guest" speakers. It's a good thing that I perform best when I fly by the seat of my pants! :) My speech mainly consisted of a little walk down memory lane, made up with lots of laughs.

Anytime we visit Nac., our favorite place to stay is at the Rosewood don't go looking it up on the Internet. It is the home of some of our favorite people (John & Kay). It was a little bit sad this trip, because they are closing on the house and moving to Rosenberg next week. But, Rosenberg is much closer than Nac, so at least now we will be able to see them more often! Trey LOVES playing with John & Kay. This trip, Kay was wheel chair bound from a stress fracture in her leg. That didn't stop Trey from taking her on numerous trips, pushing her up and down the hallways and out into the driveway. We were all pretty amazed that he could actually push her on his own. Thank goodness that the Rosewood Inn has 2 guest rooms, it was definitely needed this trip. Trey has made the transition to a "Big Boy Bed", so I got to go to sleep with him both nights, while Daddy ventured out on the town like an ole' college kid. (Don't worry, it was with my full permission, b/c I knew he would be in good hands with all of my SFAVB sisters!) But, the agreement was that on Saturday night, he would relieve me and let me sleep by my self in the other bed! Well, 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning I arise to Trey saying "Mommy, Mommy"..."Change my diaper!". Seriously...I guess it is time to get the kid on a toilet. I thought it might be a blowout, but his size 5's get kind of tight when they are super-soaked! Needless to say, I got the diaper changed and am snuggling back in with my body pillow and Trey is staring me in the eyes, saying, "Mommy, I all done sleeping"....If you recall, it is 2:45 a.m. now!!! He then breaks out into song, which one I do not remember. Joe, being out on the town quickly received a text message from me that read..."So your son is awake...saying 'all done sleeping' and singing songs. No I'm not lying"...that is word for word, b/c I still have it on my phone! :) Anyway, I got a text right back saying, "I'm on my way!" :) Thank goodness for a good daddy! He quickly relieved me of my bed duty and I was sound asleep before long. Well, I guess this has been quite the novel, so I will finish up. Trey is doing/saying so many funny things check back for updates. Have a good week!

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