Friday, September 16, 2011

C.R.A.Z.Y. Week

Monday Night: Trey's Curriculum Night
Tuesday Night: Open House for me, Joe, & Mimi {Uncle Cody babysat}
Wednesday Night: Dinner with friends from out of town {Tennessee to be exact}
Thursday Night: Working dinner to plan wedding photography with dear friends {kids in tow}
Friday Night: Maids come, Carpet cleaners come, Prep to host after game party tomorrow night
Saturday: Trey's first soccer game, Joe's football game, post-game party at our house
Sunday: Photo shoot in the evening

How's that for a week? Yes, we're still alive...don't ask me how...and no, I didn't cook. {} That's great for Weight Watchers, NOT. I consider it an act of the Good Man Above, that I stayed the same this week and didn't gain.

We've had fun the last four weeks helping Trey transition into Kindergarten mode...or transition us, however you want to look at it. As of Wednesday, this week, Trey had 2 {not-so-good} notes home. Those hurt the heart. {They weren't terrible, just keeping his hands to himself, and staying in his seat....MUCH better than the kid in his class that is pulling hair, and lifting up girl's dresses!} Moving on...after a LONG, discussion with Trey on Wednesday, he brought home his FIRST good note yesterday. SO proud! Hey, it's the little things. Last night, I told him I would help him read his library book before bed. We curled up in my bed, and started reading Wings of Light: The Migration of the Yellow Butterfly. {Yes, that's the title...I should have known something was up}. I'm yawning, but making it thru the pages...until I get to this page:

Go ahead, I'll wait...reread that last paragraph, and not laugh. SERIOUSLY. Kindergarten, y'all. Am I naive, or is that a LITTLE advanced for a 5 year old? Much less, his mom trying to read the book to him. I just about lost it when I read, 'She trembles in response.' COME ON. No worries, I got creative...doesn't it say that the butterflies landed on the flower and then flew off into the sunshine? That's how I read it. I can only imagine what is coming next in this adventure called Kindergarten.

Changing subjects............Emery's Halloween costume.

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Can you stand the cuteness? I can't. Yes, I'm copying something off of Etsy...don't judge. I can make the tutu and headband, and I just ordered the leg warmers and suspenders off of Amazon. Success! NOW, if I could just talk Trey into this Hobo clown. So far, he's not having it. Apparently, Mr. Hobo can't compete with Transformers or a Ninja. Help me.

Well, that's all the fun for this week. I'm praying for a calmer week next week!

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Grandma said...

That's Weary Willie - aka Emett Kelly. The best clown Ringling Bros ever had. Trey would make a great clown. WW always had a sad face and would sweep his shadow.