Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was the day...

When you're holding your little babies, you think this day is SO FAR AWAY. It's not. It snuck up on us, and Trey was SO ready. I wasn't, but he was. I almost cried when I kissed him goodbye this morning, but due to my eye liner and mascara for my first day back to school, I fought it would've been an ugly cry. I think I almost cried in the car rider line because I couldn't wait to hear about his day! We are so fortunate that we have some familiar faces in his class, and he has an awesome, experienced teacher. Poor Trey doesn't have any hope of being a hooligan at school with Joe and I both being teachers! I need to get my stuff together to get his teacher's gift together, yes...I'm bribing. Don't judge. :) It'll hopefully be ready by Friday, for a 'Yay, we made it one week!' gift! Hope everyone has a great week...I think the only way I'm going to make it thru the week is with my beloved Rt 44.

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