Monday, November 9, 2009

{The Blind Side}

I must see this movie. I WILL have a babysitter on the day it comes out. This is the first movie in a LONG time that I have been this excited about.

Why am I excited? Let me list the ways:
(1)Tim McGraw, do I need to go on?
(2)Sandra Bullock is awesome.
(3)It involves football.
(4)The story looks AWESOME.
(5)Being in education, the thought of doing this has crossed my mind more than once.

That's why. Have a great week!

P.S. I've had a lot of awesome families to photograph lately, go check it out!


Amber Schmidt said...

I cannot wait!!! Every singe I first saw the trailer I have been counting the days!!!!! I think this is going to be the year's best movie!

Mrs Garrett: The Facts of a Football Life said...

I know I can't wait to see it!! I'm going to need lots and lots of tissue!

Rachelle said...

Oh my goodness, now I totally want to see this movie too!!!! It looks awesome!