Friday, December 5, 2008

:: This Kid ::

This kid is a WILD man. Love him to pieces, but he is an awesome button-pusher. I can only imagine what is in store for Joe and I in the coming years...if at almost 3 he is talking like a kindergartener. Crazy. Here's a couple of his latest ramblings:

1)He has become OBSESSED with soup. Well, his babysitter (aka Grammy) makes fabulous home-made soup. Far from what I could ever whip up. The other day, he was bugging her for some soup and he followed Iggie (Grammy's grand daughter) into the kitchen begging for some soup. Iggie, being resourceful, pulls out a can of Campbell's. Trey looks at her funny and says, "No, Iggie! That is NOT Grammy's good soup. That is like my soup at home! I want Grammy's good soup!" Nice Trey, thanks for tellin' on me buddy.

2)Last night at dinner, Trey had Daddy's iced tea. Daddy asked him very politely, "Trey, may I have a sip of the iced tea?" Trey looked him straight in the face and answered, "Yes, you may." What? Where did those manners come from?

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