Sunday, December 14, 2008

Emery's Dedication

We had Emery dedicated at church today. It was a great experience, and Emery did awesome. We love, love our church and it is so touching to know how many people are dedicated to guiding all of these babies in their faith. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

We're doing what?

Pastor Mark praying with us...which one is
Joe and which one is Mark...hmmm?
Funny story in a second.

So, on to the funny story...we sat on the front row today, and this weekend the kids got to come into church to 'Give their best Gift to God'. They walked up and passed us to drop their gifts off. Joe smiled at one of the little boys and he turned to Joe and said, "Hi Pastor Mark". I about fell off the chair laughing. You can tell from the picture that with a quick glance, they definitely can get mixed up. From behind, it's a toss up.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Not Me promises to be a long one!

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Anonymous said...

omg, that expression on her face! I can't believe you captured that!