Tuesday, December 16, 2008

:: AS IF... ::

As if, this day could get any better! Remember this? I turned in my PO today!!! This is what I'll be doing for an entire week in March. I would be excited if it was in Houston, Vegas is just an added bonus! As I was turning in my PO, my phone rang. Some of our favorite friends, that currently reside in Lake Charles, informed us that they are moving to Baytown!!! I will gladly take an hour, over 3! So excited!!! I don't need anything for Christmas, this day will do it! :)

This is the only pic that I could find of us with Wendy & Andy (and I'm behind the camera). Funny story: We went to San Antonio with them and Wendy and I talked the boys into going to Fredericksburg for the day. Fredericksburg quickly turned into Enchanted Rock and a hike ensued. Let me back up for a second...Wendy and I were BOTH pregnant (I was only 2 months, and she was 6 months along), and it was like July. Enough said. We were not excited! The boys made it to the top, but we hung out at about the half way mark. Let's not mention that a lady back at the hotel informed Wendy that if her ankles got much bigger that it could kill her. Uh oh.

Whoa...3 posts in one day. Record!

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