Thursday, December 11, 2008

Throw-back Thursday

I'm starting something new today. Throw-back Thursday! (So apparently a lot of bloggers do this, but I hadn't seen it before (or at least I don't remember)...oh well. I'm doin' it!) I have a gazillion old photos from a movie that I made my mom for her 60th birthday, and I thought I would post a few each Thursday...seeing that I remember every Thursday. Here goes nothin'.

How cool is this picture? I am totally jealous of my mom growing up on a farm in Illinois. Joe and I would live on land out in the country in a heart beat. Plus, every day access to a horse. Not fair.

Love this family photo of the Greene's. That's my mom on the bottom left and her brother next to her. I love my Grandpa's suit in this picture. So snazzy. Is that a word?
A Rhodes/Finley/Parker reunion. These are the Rhodes'. This picture cracks me up. If you can pick me out, check out those shorts. Nice. Man, loved the 80's. Cody, you still have to babysit Monday night, even though I put this picture on here. My dad is in the back on the far left. That is my 'Nana' in the middle. As much as this picture cracks me up, it makes me sad for her...if you saw her now you wouldn't recognize her. Poor thing.
Alright, we just hopped up a few more years. We have my mom, cousin, uncles, Joe, and me. (Okay, English teachers, I'm slacking...forgive my sentence structure.) This is at my dad's Memorial Golf Tournament that Stewart & Stevenson put on every year (for 10 years) following his passing. They always did an awesome job and raised a lot of money for Star of Hope, my dad's Charity of choice. Let's not mention that your's truly won the longest drive competition 2 of those years...shh, don't tell anyone I got to hit off of the women's tees.
*Sigh* we'll finish up with this one. I think this is one of our last family pictures together. I'll leave it at that.

Let me know if you do a Throw-back Thursday. I'd love to come check it out!


Billie said...

Wow - that's all I can say. This was a special post - thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Awesome Kristy, you're officially my favorite blogger today:) And I got chills looking at the last beautiful picture of you, your Mom, Dad and Cody.