Sunday, December 7, 2008

* What a day! *

Yesterday was non-stop, but in an awesome way. Trey was so much fun yesterday. We got up in the morning and took breakfast to Mimi's and patiently awaited Santa's arrival... Every year Santa rides thru the neighborhood on a fire truck. Santa + Fire truck = Toddler Heaven! We missed THE photo op. of the year, but these will do. (Santa sat down on the curb next to Trey...that's my missed photo op...there's always next year!)
Gettin' Giddy...

Waiting Patiently! Santa Climbin' Up...Hey Santa!In awe...

I'm pretty sure this
qualifies as a HAND FULL.


Stop 2 for the day? A Walk Thru Bethlehem at Mimi's church. Trey wasn't so thrilled with the walk, but he did enjoy the snow...oh wait, fake snow. The playground was an added bonus. I told Mimi, that we would have scored points just going to the playground...however, it was cute when one of the King's gave Trey a coin, and Trey found the baby Jesus and gave him the coins. The fellowship hall at the church is transformed into Bethlehem, it was really dark so I didn't get to many pics in there.

Giving the coin to Baby Jesus
Diggin'Slidin'Emery & Mimi...
Em wasn't coopearating


Okay, really...the last stop was at Santa's Wonderland in College Station. Can we say...AWESOME. Totally worth the money, and Trey was more than excited. Please excuse picture quality...I was juggling the video camera and my camera. Yikes!

The line!Here we go...

Psss..MckMama check out the seat belt. lol.

The Entrance


Whew...this post made me tired. Might qualify as longest EVER. Oh yeah, by the way my 100th post came and went and this is #102. Crazy.

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