Sunday, December 14, 2008

* Not Me Monday - Rd. 4 *

I got smart this week...I kept track of my Not Me's throughout the week! There's quite a few, so watch out!
  • There was not a cooler with dead deer remains on our back deck for almost a week. *gross* It wasn't there because I refused to even open the lid, and Joe had basketball almost every night of the week. The dogs really don't stalk said cooler when they go outside. (One of Joe's students went hunting and brought him a deer...didn't you know that is the new 'apple'? Get with the times people)
  • On Tuesday night, Trey certainly did not get nose to nose with me and say, "Mommy, I want you to do laundry." What? I certainly had not been storing up on my Not Me's in advance so that I didn't forget them by Sunday night. Really, laundry is not overrated.
  • I did not want to shed a tear when Boston Legal was over on Monday night. I don't think I will leave it on the DVR to re-visit Denny and Alan when I start having withdrawals.
  • I am not contemplating boycotting ABC after ending Boston Legal and Dirty Sexy Money. *sigh* Not really, but it sounded good.
  • Surely the weather in Houston did not drop 40 degrees in one day. That would just be silly.
  • It did not SNOW on Wednesday in Houston, Texas. The first time in four years. The weather forecast for the weekend, was definitely not high of 72, just 3 days later.
  • I certainly did not get annoyed Wednesday night with an Anonymous commenter. Said commenter surely would not impose their opinion about how they would NEVER put their son in a seat belt positioning booster. Is it not amazing that people feel so secure behind their anonymity in blog land. I do not love my reject comment option.
  • Friday morning as I was getting ready for work, I most certainly did not cover myself in Aussie Super Strength hair spray, thinking it was my Wild Orchid Bath & Body splash. You know you've done it...
  • A few of the parents from Joe's school did not provide an AMAZING dinner for all of the coaches and their spouses. Who knew that a few of those dad's were the same ones that another wife and I got somewhat aggravated with at a game when they were questioning the coach's decisions. I did not try to cover up my face with a menu, when we discovered said coincidence. Thank goodness for parent's with a good sense of humor! The parent's did not praise us for standing up for our coach's!
  • At the lovely dinner, I did not manage to drink 4 sangria margaritas in a 2-hour period. Those ritas definitely would not give me a massive headache Sunday morning.
  • I am not starting another blog in an attempt to do something I've always wanted to do. People are always saying, "You should do this on the side" here goes nothin'! Check it out and let me know what ya think!

Whew, what a week! Last week of school, and then a 2 week break! Hallelujah!


Keyona said...

How rude was that commenter. Some things people should keep to themselves.

Julie said...

Yummy...those margaritas sound good! I wouldn't have touched the cooler either. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I am not going to come back and visit again because I did not enjoy this post. ;)