Tuesday, December 2, 2008

:: I've been Tagged! ::

I received an award! A big thank you to Tammy. This lil' gem comes with a little blogging assignment. '6 things that make me happy' and then I get to tag 6 more people...watch out!

1) Trey's sweet moments with his sister - although few and far between, they melt my heart. He nuzzles right up next to her and gives her a kiss on the forehead, and says "awwww". Sweetness. I guess I shouldn't bring up the times he runs by her in the exersaucer and pops her on the head...

2) Doing nothing with Joe - just having him home these days is a nice change of pace. We are so proud of the job he does at school, so we don't mind lending him out to change kids lives...but we get all giddy when he calls and says he is on his way home from work. We don't have to go anywhere, vegging out and doing nothing is awesome. I mean who needs to do laundry anyway?

3) Digital Scrapbooking - a new obsession. I always had a desire to document my children's lives, but could never get the time to sit down, spread out, and get to work. When I discovered that I could put my rockin' Photoshop skills to good use, I was thrilled.

4) Spending time with friends and family - this is a must for Joe and I's sanity. We are social people and like nothing else than to hang out on the drive way with good friends. We also love to take road trips to see loved ones. Hopefully, this summer I will introduce Joe to 'Yankee' land in Illinois where the other half of my family lives.

5) Trips to Nacogdoches - Joe and I met at SFA playing football and volleyball, you can guess who played what! Anyway, we absolutely LOVE life in Nac (some of you may refer to it as Nac-a-Nowhere)...the slow pace, the trees, the college life, the fact that you can go across town in 10 minutes. If we weren't such scaredy cats, we might just try to move back one day.

6) My SFAVB Crew - my teammates from SFA, are by far some of the coolest girls around. I mean, who has semi-annual reunions...we actually try for more than that, but we're getting old and jobs are getting in the way! I always leave the reunions sore from laughing so hard. We just get along and everyone gets each other. Awesome.

This isn't the half of it...

I know you're just wondering who I am going to tag...hmmmm:
1. Ryan - welcome to the Blogworld! (being in Germany shouldn't stop you!)
2. Andria
3. Rachelle
4. Heather
5. Mandy
6. Sheila - are you still alive? Maybe this will make you surface! :)


Heather said...

Awesome that you won an award, you deserve it! I love your blog...Ok so since I was tagged, what the heck do I do? ;-)

Rachelle said...

I think I completed my assignment Mrs. Owens. hahaha. Thanks for tagging me on this. It was fun. It is good to be reminded sometimes on what makes us happy. I can forget about these things often. So thanks, now I'm HAPPY!!!