Thursday, December 4, 2008

* Vegas Baby...Maybe*

I am still laughing as I am about to write this. Rewind about a month ago when I got an e-mail from my Curriculum Coordinator from our District. She was asking me, and another Web Mastering teacher, to look into an Adobe Certification training for us to attend and in turn train the rest of the Multimedia/Web teachers in the district. So what's a girl to do? Google, duh. The first thing I stumble upon is this. I just chuckle and of course highlight the link and send it to my boss and tell her this is the training we want. I was soooo joking. Well, her response was not an immediate NO, like I expected. It was, find me a price and get a few more quotes. After several responses from some more training companies(super duper expensive, even for just one software) is looking like Vegas is a serious possibility. Get out of town.

Here's the Deal:
For a small nominal fee (insert sarcasm here)...the final price includes airfare, hotel (The Flamingo, not too exciting I know), food, training, and 4 ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) tests. The training is super intense, which I'm excited about. We'd be in a room from 8-6 (ALL DAY!), they serve you breakfast and lunch in the room! I would come home, hopefully passing all 4 tests, being an ACE in PhotoShop, InDesign, Acrobat, & Dreamweaver. Score.

Wish me luck, I should know something in the next couple of days...Bring on Vegas!

What could make this any better you might ask. Oh yeah, it is the week before Spring Break. lol.

Sidenote: In case you don't know my background...I am a Business Multimedia (high school) teacher, hopefully that will allow this post to make a little more sense!

Sidenote #2: A lil' shout out to Joe - When we were first told to look into a certification for our Multimedia students, Joe is the one that pointed out the ACE certification. Have I told you that my husband rocks?

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Crystal Spies said...

That is awesome Kristy, I believe that is the same siminar our group at NASA goes to every year. I think you will enjoy it! They have the some of the latest technology.