Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heading to Dallas

The Owens' Fam is heading to Dallas this weekend. Man, getting the 3 of us packed and ready to go is a bit tiring...especially when we are dozing off at 11 p.m. the night before, while trying to finish the laundry that needs to get packed! :) Joe finally took charge at 11, and said GO TO BED! :) I can only imagine what packing for a family of 4 is going to be like. Luckily, Trey's bag is getting smaller and smaller the older he gets! Anyhow, the bags and the car are packed which is a big accomplishment!

I've been sick this past week, and let me tell you that being 6 months prego and having a severe cold is no bueno! I'm already snoring because of Emery, so just add not being able to breathe out of my nose! :) Poor Joe...I went to the Dr. yesterday for a check up and he asked me how I was doing...My response was, if you would just chop of my head, I would be feeling fine! :) I had to have a little chat with my OB/GYN. He informed me that he would be moving to Fort Worth, and his last day in the office would be JUNE 30. Ladies, you know that the relationship with your OB, is like that of a breaking up is hard to do...especially when I will only have one month to go when he leaves! He is a great Dr., so anyone in the Fort Worth area, you can look up Dr. McGuirk in a few months. Joe and I took to him really well because he is such a smart ass. He told me his replacement was going to be as much of a smart ass, and I let him know that is going to be a problem! :) Anyway, I'm over the disappointment and am looking forward to meeting his replacement.

So, why are we going to Dallas? I am coaching my club volleyball team at the LoneStar Classic in Dallas. This our last tournament of the club season, can I get a hallelujah? :) I expect them to do well, so check back for an update to make sure I survive the weekend. Joe and Trey are going to stay and Grandma and Papa's in Wylie. Trey was ready to drive to Dallas this morning when he woke up, but I'm sure he forgot all about it when he got to Grammy's (his babysitter). You know it's a great feeling, when your child loves his babysitter so much that he doesn't even want to come home most days. It makes my day at work so much less stressful, knowing that he is in good hands.

I'm glad Joe gets to get out of town this weekend. He starts Spring Football next weekend, which is a big undertaking. This will be his last little get-away before school is out. P.S. Only 4/5 more weeks of school!!! :) Ok, so this post is a little random, but that's about how our life works! :) Hopefully, I'll get to take some pics this weekend and get them posted soon. Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What a joy our "Little Man" is! While Mommy was busy coaching, he got to have some new experiences, riding the DART rail, going up and down and up and down and ... a huge escalator at the Dallas Convention Center, eating on a floating restaurant at Lake Lavon and feeding the giant carp and catfish off the barge! His eyes are so expressive, it's fascinating to watch him and wonder what's going on in the brilliant little mind of his. You two are doing a wonderful job as parents!