Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home from Dallas

Ok, so we need a weekend to recover from our weekend! :) Trey is still recovering, when I was changing his diaper this morning he was begging me to put him back in his "baby bed"...aka: his crib. Back to the weekend...the volleyball tournament, could have gone better, but it was a good experience for the girls. They learned a lot of life lessons on the Dallas Dart train to the Convention Center, the main lesson being stay in school! :) Some of those trips were pretty eye opening, but needless to say we made it there and back in one piece. Joe and Trey enjoyed their time at Grandma and Papa's house. From what I hear, I missed out on some fun times while I was holed up in the gym both afternoons. One night, they took Trey to the marina for dinner, but the main attraction was feeding the giant fish handfuls of dog food. We managed to get home at a decent hour on Sunday, but Joe had to head straight to church. If you were to look upstairs right now, you would see that I didn't have the energy to unpack and tackle the laundry (still haven't worked up that energy!) :)...I guess I better get that going, because in 2 weeks we head out to Nacogdoches for the 2nd "true" SFAVB Alumni reunion. For those outside of the SFAVB realm, that stands for Stephen F. Ausin Volleyball. We have started leaving out the word annual, because we can't stay away from each other long enough for it to be considered annual! :) Here is a pic from one of our past get togethers!

We had our last reunion in December, so of course May is as long as we can go without seeing one another! We hope to be staying at the Rosewood Inn with the Blacks, some of our favorite people in Nac-a-Nowhere. Well, enough rambling for this morning...check back soon for more posts and pics!

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