Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our First Week Off

Summer is here!!! Daddy is getting all of his professional development out of the way this week. Of course we have been visiting the Brewer pool on a regular basis! Trey is doing pretty well floating around with his vest and a noodle. He just kicks his legs and goes wherever he wants to go. For whatever reason (maybe some "daddy-dunking") he takes a few minutes to warm up to being by himself on the noodle. It's a pretty funny sight, I need to get my camera going for the summer. Monday night we got to hang out in labor & delivery for a few hours. *Everything is ok*, but I had a massive headache that wouldn't go away. Let me back up a Dr. is convinced I have gestational hypertension, even though I have yet to have high BP anywhere else but his office! He is also keeping a close eye on any development of preec./toxemia. So, when I called in at 2:45 to see if it was just a headache or whatever, he wanted me to come in right away. Joe wasn't to fond of the idea of getting up at 3 a.m.! :) We got there and the BP was normal, her heartrate was good, and the bloodwork came back normal....diagnosis=just a headache! :) Trey got dropped off at Mimi's house on the way, and he was a little concerned. My mom said, that he came in her room with big tears and just laid in bed and stared at the ceiling for about an hour. Daddy had told Trey that Mommy was going to the hospital, and this 2 year old knows what that means. Trey got to come with Mimi to come get me from the hospital (Joe had to go to his class), and when I got in the car he said "Mommy all better?" :) Such a sweet boy!

So, on for the fun part of the week! Trey, Mommy, and Mimi are going with the Brewer's to the beach!! We are going to Surfside, which is always fun because that is the beach I grew up going to. Brings back lots of good memories! Trey seems excited, but we shall see...last Summer at the beach, he wasn't quite sure of it. We are staying overnight at a beach house and will head home Thursday afternoon. I will definitely post lots of pics, so stay tuned.

Friday I have a Dr.'s appointment where I meet my new Dr. (refer to old post where I talk about my OB/GYN leaving for Dallas one month before I am due)...the new doc has big shoes to fill, so it should be interesting! :) After that, Joe and I get an afternoon/evening away to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We can't really travel, so we are going to check out what the real Houston has to offer...the real Houston is outside of our Cypress zip code! :)

We hope everyone is enjoying their week, and check back soon for some pics!

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