Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick Update...

Whoa, 9 days since my last post. One would think that I have been busy! I guess so...Well, on Wednesday I went back to the Dr. for my weekly check up, and you guessed it...more high blood pressure. Oh, and I lost 3 pounds in one week...I asked her if that was a bad sign, other than the fact that I needed to lose weight in the first place. I liked her answer, "Nothing is wrong with that because she is measuring fine, some women are just fortunate to have their stomachs pushed up into their rib cage, so you can't eat alot!" . She (the new Dr.), did decide that she wanted me to take the fun experiment again to test for preeclampsia/toxemia...if you've done this before, you know what I'm talking about. I hope to find out the results tomorrow, I don't think I have it because I am not swollen like a balloon, yet. However, I asked her what her forecast is since we obviously have an issue with my blood pressure. Her statement sent me in to a little bit of a frenzy. She says, "I am getting you to 36 weeks and we are going to most likely induce." Let me tell you that 8 weeks shrinking to 4 weeks, when you have absolutely nothing done in the baby's room and a 2 year old to boot, is a little nerve racking. My mom's conclusion was, "I'll be over in the morning..." So, you ask why 9 days since your last post? There's your answer. So 36 weeks will be July 14...start the count down!

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