Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Joe's parents came down this weekend to help us out while I'm on bed rest. Grandma brought a whole slew of Super Suppers dinners with her, and those are always good. We had the Oven baked Parmesan Chicken and a Pork Tenderloin...both were very good. If you haven't used Super Suppers before, it is a really nice convenience. Everything is ready-made and just needs to be thrown in the oven or a pot! It was a nice relief, and Trey always loves having Grandma and Papa here to play with. Grandma lended her sewing expertise to fix Trey's curtains that were too short. They turned out really cute! This morning we had some of Grandma's homemade french toast, yummy yummy! We were sad to see them go, but are looking forward to seeing them when Emery makes her arrival. We also love going to Wylie to visit, so I'm sure I'll be making that trip sometime this fall!

We have a Dr.'s appointment this Wednesday...another ultrasound, another non-stress test, and a Group B Strep Test. Woo hoo! Can you sense the excitement? I always look forward to the ultrasound, because it's nice to see how big she is getting. Wednesday will be 35 weeks, so that just means one more week after that and we will probably induce. I would like to go to 37, but that is up to the Doctor. We shall see if I pass all of my tests! Hope everyone has a great July 4th weekend...I will be watching fireworks on TV I suppose! :)

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