Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dr. Update

We had a good day at the doctor yesterday, if you don't count being there for 2 1/2 hours! Apparently, 2 of the Dr.'s in the group had deliveries in the morning, and it threw them all way behind. I wasn't quite as annoyed as Joe! Anyway, the ultrasound was first...and they were doing the bio-physical profile that measures everything and look at how she is breathing in there. Everything looked great. Emery is still happy being inside, so she will get to stay for now! :) The machine was also estimating that she weighs about 5 pounds. When you think that I should have 7 more weeks to go (even though we won't go that long), that is pretty large. But, I know from Trey that they tend to over-estimate, so she probably is somewhere in the 4 pound category. The Dr. was really pleased with that, and she said that going 36/37 weeks will probably be a good thing, since she looks so big this early. The other good news was that there was no protein in my sample yesterday, which was a good sign. Doesn't necessarily mean, that I don't have preeclampsia, but just shows that it is a mild case. Even though the report was good, and put alot of my fears to rest...I am still on bed rest. Yes, I was pretty worried going in yesterday, and had even packed a bag. Silly, I know...but my mind is infamous for running wild. I drive Joe nuts! :) Well, that's the latest update. We are excited because Joe's parents are coming next weekend. That will be a big help, plus we always like when they come! Trey especially looks forward to Grandma and Papa coming to visit! We go back Tuesday for another ultrasound and a non-stress test, which measures Emery's movement and heart rate. Check back for more updates and have a good weekend!

P.S. A special thanks to my mom and Joe for picking up the slack. really isn't that fun not being able to do the everyday mom kind of stuff...My mom has been coming over and getting loads of laundry started and cooking. Joe made a special trip to IKEA (with Trey in tow) to get Trey his own chest of drawers because we were still using the drawers that came with his changing table (that needs to go in Emery's room). He then spent last night putting it together, only 2 find out that 2 pieces were missing!!! That required a special trip BACK to IKEA this morning to get the pieces that were SUPPOSED to be in there in the first, we weren't annoyed at all! :) It just required reciting the Serenity prayer a few times! :) Thanks Daddy for putting that together.

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