Friday, January 9, 2009

* Time Flies*

Wow, how time flies. Trey will be turning 3 on Sunday. We've told him that when he's 3, he can't wear diapers any more. We'll see how that one goes over. The little turkey KNOWS exactly what it is he has to do, it's just really an inconvenience to him. Here's a story that illustrates that. Yesterday at the babysitter, Lovie (the cat) kept going in and out of her litter box. Trey (being overly observant) noticed and said, "Wow Iggie, Lovie's bein' a good kitty and going potty in her potty! You need to take her to get a milk shake." If you can't put two and two together, then we have told Trey if he'll tell us he needs to go, then he can go to Steak n' Shake to get a milk shake. After Trey kept telling them to get the cat a milk shake, Grammy and Iggie were asking Trey if he needed to go (as they do every day)...Trey's response? "Not today." Okay then Trey, how about today? :) That $20 pack of diapers really puts a damper on my grocery store budget...that's a whole other meal! :) However, we STILL haven't had to buy A diaper for Emery...yep she's almost 6 months old. (That is thanks to 2 diaper showers before she arrived!) Anyway, enough rambling. Here are some pics I took of Trey yesterday and of course I had to slip a couple of Emery in there this morning. Enjoy!

Is anyone over there?
What next?
He really does slow down...not very often though!
Let's go to Grammy's!
Those eyes.


Bleah's Bubble said...

I changed my page, it is now underwoodluvr.blogspot
it still is not very good but much better than the other one , I just couldn't work with it I messed it up to bad.

txmomx6 said...

I am SO glad you clarified the statement, "We still haven't had to buy a diaper for Emery ... yep she's almost 6 months old"
I almost dropped my laptop!!!

Tammy said...

These are great pictures Kristy! Happy Birthday Trey!