Saturday, January 3, 2009

:: Happy Birthday Joe! ::

Joe is 29 today! Man are we creeping closer to 30! Oh well, you get better with age, right? :) I thought I'd dedicate a post to Joe today. Hmmm, maybe 29 things we love about him? Here goes nothin'!

  1. He loves God. That is definitely numero uno.
  2. He is THE BEST dad that you'll come across...EVER.
  3. He's a GREAT husband. He loves me for me...even if I forget to keep his boxers replinished in his drawer! :)
  4. He loves to volunteer his time at church.
  5. He is sarcastic...some of you may not appreciate that, but I do!
  6. He helps me around the house. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  7. He does bath time with Trey most nights. Whew!
  8. He loves to get down on the floor with Trey and cute!
  9. He is a handy man!
  10. He likes to know how things work. If you know me, that compliments me well, because I don't care as long as it does work! :)
  11. He makes Trey say his prayers every night before he goes to bed!
  12. He really wants to make a difference in the kids lives that he teaches/coaches.
  13. He is not afraid to show his emotions...good or bad, which I appreciate.
  14. He is very tech saavy too! We make a good team.
  15. He takes care of our cars...that's an important job! :)
  16. This goes along with #6, but he will wash bottles, do a load of laundry, name it! :)
  17. He tells me I'm beautiful, even if I don't think so. :)
  18. He will fall on the floor laughing at some of Trey's remarks. So fun to watch.
  19. His heart melts when Emery smiles at him. Amazing.
  20. He gets along with dang near everybody.
  21. He stands up for what he believes in.
  22. He wants to do the best job in everything he tries.
  23. He takes care of our other 2 kids: Beaux & Dixie
  24. He lets me get out of the house for some me-time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  25. He likes almost anything I cook. (At least he lets me think that) With the exception of refried beans & guacamole. I'm still workin' on him though. :)
  26. He puts up with me. That should be #1 sometimes!
  27. He likes to plan the date nights and take control. I like that.
  28. He loves to take Trey to do boy things. So sweet.
  29. He is Joe. That's why we love him! That's why Trey bawled this morning when he left. That's why Emery lights up when he walks into the room. That's why I can't wait for him to get home every evening.

I had to throw this pic in here! See, he did have hair once! :) Love ya Joe!


        Anonymous said...

        Wow! What more could a parent ask for - you two make a great pair and it's a joy seeing how your family has grown. Now, I have to go wipe the tears from my eyes! Happy Birtday, Son! We love you and are very proud of you - and your family.

        Rachelle said...

        Aw! This is so sweet! Happy Birthday Joe! This post makes me think how great my husband is too. Clay and Joe are a lot alike. I love men like this.