Sunday, January 4, 2009

:: Not Me Monday - Rd. 5 ::

It's baaaaack! MckMama's Not Me's are great this week, go check them out. You go one week without it, and you start forgetting some of the things that are going to be blog-worthy...but I'll try!

  • I would never bring home close to 900 papers, and not touch one of them for two weeks. That would just be foolish.
  • Trey did not almost OD on chocolate at our friends house after Christmas. He was speedy in his maneuvers thru the crowd and managed to swipe probably half the box of chocolates.
  • Yesterday, I did not yell at a sophomore basketball referee because he would not call the 3 second violation on a kid who had set up camp in the lane. Not me, that would be immature. Surely, I was not yelling this as I was pushing my double stroller back and forth, trying to keep Emery quiet. Trey wasn't yelling from his seat, "Mommy, don't talk back." Not my child. And the referee, most certainly did not yell at me that it was "Proactive referee-ing" Don't ya know? Ridiculous.
  • I would never blog-stalk Mckmama to make sure Stellan was okay. Nope.
  • I am not kicking myself right now, for not keeping track of my Not Me's for the last 2 weeks. Surely my brain would not go to mush after having 2 kids. How does she do it? Seriously.
  • I did not laugh so hard that I cried, and snorted when I read this post. A little tacky, maybe...but I needed that laugh. Joe and I both did, and it was fantastic.

These may be a little lacking this week, but just give me one week back with my students and my mind will be fresh! Hope everyone has a great week! Not a Not Me...I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL IN THE MORNING. Just thought you should know! However, the positive side to that is...I have a job that I love...I will just miss my time with my family, that's all.

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Wayne said...

Great not me monday I thougt it was very funny about the chocolate overdose. And the one about the referee was good to cant those ref's be blind when they want to be lol