Sunday, January 11, 2009

:: Not Me Monday - Rd. 6::

Yay! MckMama's Monday therapy - aka...Not Me Monday! This week was pretty uneventful, but I couldn't pass it up!
  • I did not say 'ugly' words, kick, punch the pillow, etc. last Monday morning when the alarm went off...which of course means, school is back in session. Clarification: I know I am blessed to have a job that I love, it was just hard to wake up!

  • I did not procrastinate grading those previously mentioned papers from school. I wouldn't spend most of my class periods this past week grading them. Surely, they are done...Nope, they're not. Hey, don't judge...I have until Friday at 12:30. :)

  • I did not pull a squishy, moldy bag of potatoes out of our pantry in my cleaning escapade this week. Not me, that would be gross.

  • A stranger would never just dial my number, and ask for help moving. Story behind this? Talking to my dear friend Ryan on the phone (as I do almost every day after school), and a strange number came across the phone...picked it up, and proceeded to listen to some poor soul who needed help. I didn't hang up, I felt sorry for her. I ended up passing her cell phone number along to my church so that hopefully someone could help her. It was way wierd...this is the much condensed version.

  • Trey was not rendered speechless Friday night when he got to ride on a 4 wheeler with his daddy. He was not the happiest boy on the block!

  • I would never go 'birthday' shopping in a friend's garage for Trey...Once again, don't judge! I'm actually proud of my money-saving mission. Thanks Claire!
  • Joe would not eat my 2 party sandwiches for breakfast! You know, the ones that I was soooo looking forward to having for lunch. No worries, I forgave him. I'm going to let him take me to a movie tomorrow night. :) Thanks to Josh for the movie gift card!
  • We certainly would not put Trey in pull ups this morning because the package of diapers were downstairs...we are not that lazy.

Hope everyone has a great week! I've declared it a jeans week at my school...the kids are taking their finals. Easy week, sweet! PLUS, day off on Monday!


blueviolet said...

I would never search for treasures at a garage sale. ;) (You're a smart cookie.)

Bleah Briann said...

I love the whole garage sale thing, that is totally somethin' I would do =D
Check out the cute new pics of trey on my page, I think you will LOVE them I sure do!