Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Whoa! I've been a busy bee in posting this morning! It's time for MckMama's Monday Blog Carnival...Not Me Monday! Enjoy...

  • We did not have a fairly boring week around our household. That would mean we're boring people. We are so not!
  • We are surely not bribing Trey to go #2 in the potty...we would never use milk shakes as his reward...He did not go to the potty a couple of times at Grammy's and then tell me at McDonald's that he needed 2 milk shakes!
  • I did not sit straight up in bed Friday morning, only to look at my phone that said 6:24! In case you didn't know...we usually leave the house no later than 6:20. Both kids were not sound asleep, they are generally our back-up alarm! I did not have a few choice words when I realized what time it was! We could never manage to get out of the house with both kids, bottles, drinks, lunches, 6:40. I would never let Trey go to Grammy's house in his PJ's and running shoes...that would look silly.
  • The same morning that we overslept...I did not go in to buy my morning drink, only to reach for my debit card and not have it. The cashier did not feel my pain, and give me the drink for free! Joe would never take it out of my wallet without telling me! Not my dear husband! Love you Joe.


Cammie said...

I too have potty training woe's in my not me monday. #2 may not ever happen in the potty at my house.

pam said...

I would never take my kids out in their jammies either. I did not always do this when I was working.

Happy Monday, and nice to meet you.