Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Well, the last couple days have been a little trying in our household. Trey has decided that it is time to buck the system. I say up, he says down...I say black, he says white. Doesn't matter what the situation is, it will be one way...HIS way.

Example #1: Yesterday at Walgreens we had one of those "where are your parents?" moments. I have to take the blame myself, because the whole situation could have been avoided had I taken them in in the stroller. I LOVE my stroller but it takes a few minutes to get it down and set it up, and I didn't feel it necessary for a 2 minute run into Walgreens. So, I opted to carry Emery in her carrier and make Trey hold my hand. All was well, until we passed the stinkin' dancing Christmas penguins on the end of the aisle by checkout. He had his heart set on that penguin, and I had my heart set on getting out of there to get home. Picture this...Trey on the floor kicking and screaming in the aisle at Walgreens b/c I was telling him it was time to go home and that we would not be taking the silly penguin home with us. Can we say embarassed? I have learned my lesson...the stroller is ALWAYS worth it!

Example #2: About 30 minutes ago. Trey has a house FULL of toys, but if there is something better that catches his attention than he would rather play with that. I.E. the CPU, the printer, Mommy's sunglasses, the Dr. Pepper's left on the kitchen counter. I was on my way into the kitchen when I noticed Trey's hand digging in the DP's on the was slow motion at that point. Out came his hand and about 3 other DP's. Straight to the floor. They couldn't just fall on the tile and get shaken up. Nope, they needed to spew DP all over the kitchen and on my face/hair/arms/clothes while I played hot potato with 3 cans. Yes, situation could have been avoided again by me had I just put them in the pantry. I will day.

Wednesday nights are good margarita nights, right? Hmmm...why can't we have drive-thru daquiri shacks like Louisiana? I could keep them in business on nights like tonight! :)

Thank goodness Trey is such an easy little boy to love...he does have his moments. He seems to know just when to come hug my leg and say "Mommy, I love you"...I'm waiting for that tonight so I can take a deep breath! :) Hope everyone is having a good week! Last district football game on Friday night, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!


P.S. I needed some scrapbooking therapy so I went ahead and prepared the blog for Christmas time! My favorite time of year....


Rachelle said...

Girl, this is so my future. Oh and there is a drive through daquiri shack right by my house on 529. It is called Fajita Ritas. Just FYI if you are ever desperate. haha

Heather said...

Love the holiday facelift your blog got, wanna give mine a makeover too?? haha

Sorry you missed my parents(they were at Brandy's house that night) and the lady that lives in your old house on Halloween. She's really sweet and would have totally given you a tour of your old place;)

Emery is getting so big, and so CUTE!
Great job on the blog!

Tammy said...

LOL! But seriously, you know Mike's makes a margarita? They sell it at gas stations, grocery stores. 4 little bottles of happiness :)

Billie said...

I saw the perfect Margarita maker at Sam's last night - now I know what to get you for Christmas! This was a hoot - I need to find the book I had when Trey's Dad was 2 - "How to Raise a Strong Willed Child"! But, as you know, he was not - and still is not - a textbook case - he's unique! Just celebrate him like we did his dad - Joseph always (that's a strong word, but I chose it purposely) knew what was best for himself.

Merback Family said...

Kristy -

I am so glad you found my blog! It's great to see your family and what you've been up to these last several years! and i can't believe you live in the same area we grew up in! Your kids are adorable! Keep posting and I'll look forward to checking in periodically!

Ashley Pettey Merback

Wendy said...

sounds like a pretty typical boy you have! at least, that's how my boys have been. now girls are a little better--maybe. my daughter isn't all over the place, she's just mischevious! i guess that's what you have to look forward to with emery!