Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Day!

Well, about 3 a.m. this morning, when Joe rolled in...he made my day. He didn't have to go to Dallas today to scout! He opted to stay home, work the kids out, go over film, and spend time with us! It was awesome being able to look at each other, and not be able to make up our mind what we wanted to do. What do you do? Of course you take a family trip to Walmart, hello? Actually, any time spent together is nice and I enjoyed being able to have Joe with me at the grocery store. He needed a few hints on how to load the cart, Trey in the buggy, Em up front...but all in all, he was a trooper!

While I was waiting on Joe to come home this morning, guess what we did...I'll let Emery tell you.


Joe just got word that he has to go 'trade film' in the morning with Dallas Skyline (team they're playing)...the catch? He has to be in Centerville at 9:30 in the morning. We are turning it in to a little family road trip. Call me silly, but I'm looking forward to it! Oh the lives of Football Families (I wouldn't want to be anything else). Thank goodness Grandma and Papa are flexible this week. In the past, we've spent Thanksgiving in Dallas because we didn't worry about the play-offs...anyway, Grandma and Papa will be joining us Thursday morning and we are excited! Hope this week goes smoothly for everyone and that we can all count our blessings this Thanksgiving.

P.S. Just a little note that Joe's team is playing Skyline, Saturday afternoon in Waco. Go Cats!

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