Saturday, November 15, 2008

:: Fever, Fever, Go Away! ::

I did have full intentions of breaking out the camera this weekend, I swear. However, my children thought otherwise. Trey hung on to his fever today like it was his best friend. He has had 101-102 ALL day, with Tylenol. The good thing is...he is his usual non-stop, always-talkin', totally boy, self. Tonight, while at Luby's (mmmm), I decided to text the Dr. (yes, I text the pediatrician), and he called me within 2 minutes! (LOVE IT) He said since he is acting fine, just keep an eye on him, but another day and he'll want to see him again. Trey is still coughing and has a bout here and there with whiney-ness (is that a word?) Emery is on the down-side of her cold, knock on wood. So with all that said, we did not go to Joe's play-off game today at Kyle Field. I figured I might just get the award for Worst Mother of the Year if I tried to pull that off. We stayed home today and got some stuff done around the house with the help of Mimi. Hopefully tomorrow we will get the camera out so you can see how ridicuously big the kids are getting. Trey might have skipped 3T all together, this morning his 3T sweat suit looked like an 18 month outfit on him. Emery will be 4 months old next week and she is now in 6-9 months clothes. They grow up way too fast. I think with your first child, you are looking at them like, "Come on, crawl, walk, talk..."...the second go round you want to put a brick on their head! :)

We did manage to make it out to the Coles Crossing garage sale this morning. Another year, another successful trip. Trey is a great scout for toys as we drive by houses..."No mommy, those are girly toys!"..."Mommy, go get me that!"..."We don't need that!" Each of those statements came out of his mouth at least once today. Let's re-call the purchases made today! Probably 5 or 6 outfits between Trey and Emery. A radio with microphone for Trey=$1. Some more little things, and then the best deal of the day??? This car seat for $25!!! I know it's probably tacky to talk about how much I paid for something, but I am such an advocate for garage sales!

I'm a little bummed because we are going to have to stay home from church in the morning, and I was really looking forward to going. Just to start getting back into a normal routine, but I am not that parent that takes a sick kid to the nursery! :) Hope everybody is enjoying the fabulous weather, and please say a little prayer that Trey and Emery can kick the 'crud' this week!

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