Sunday, November 9, 2008

:: Cuteness ::

As I was putting Trey down for bed tonight, we decided we would read 2 books. One truck book, and then his new favorite...the Walmart Toy catalog. After I read them, he had to read them back to me. Make note that his Mickey cell phone was in bed with us. As he was 'reading' the catalog to me, and asking me if I wanted a new Transformer.....he snatches up his cell phone and says, "Hello Santa?" Okay, at this point I'm losing it and he matter of factly looks at me and says, "Shhh, I am on the phone with Santa!" If you could only see his face when he says that, because it is very animated and strongly resembles the way I tell him to get quiet when I'm on the phone. I'm STILL laughing and he is STILL telling me to zip it. He finally decides he has told Santa all that he has to say, and tells Santa goodnight. It's moments like those that make all of these temper tantrums worth it.

P.S. Don't tell on me...YES I'm using Santa as leverage and it's only November 9. ha!
Another P.S. Congrats to Joe's team (Cy-Woods), they made play-offs! They play at Kyle Field Saturday 11/15 at 3. This will be my first game at Kyle Field!

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Tammy said...

that is priceless :)