Sunday, November 16, 2008

* Got Some Pics *

We'll start with Em first...I told y'all she was getting big! She had her first belly laugh the other night. We were shopping at the outlet mall, and I had her and Trey facing each other in the stroller. Trey was hitting her seat and yelling, "NO!" and she thought it was HILARIOUS. It was fun to see that she gets such a big kick out of her brother.

Now on to Trey. He STILL has a fever. Grrr. I talked to the Dr. today and he had me go into Urgent Care by the house to get some blood work done. The doctor and the nurses looked at me like I was a nut-so first time mom when they caught one look of him. Yes, he was running around the waiting room. They did decide to draw some blood, only after my dr. asked for it. The dr. at the urgent care did NOT want to do anything. His white blood cell count came back normal, even on the lower end, but he's been on antibiotics for 4 days which can do that. I really think Dr. Parikh wanted to introduce the urgent care dr. to Trey's LOVE of needles. (sense the sarcasm?) Trey blew the first pull of blood, and we had to get it out of the other arm. Not pleasant! The urgent care doc thought it was probably just a viral infection, and Trey simply hasn't 'turned the corner'. I think I have to agree with him because Emery has been congested, I am now getting the crud...and I really think Trey's bout with this just came with the fever too. The pics below are how Trey handles sickness...This was tonight after his bath. His temperature before his bath was around 101...he looks terribly sick, right?

Sidenote with this pic:
Who needs a $30 Elf on the Shelf,
when you have your own Santa to keep an eye on him? :)
More evidence that Trey is sooo sick.
The kid wanted to jump off of his bed,
I had to encourage him to simply jump ON the bed.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Oh yeah, Joe's team won by 1 point! I think it was just as nerve racking getting the text messages as it would have been to be there! I'm glad we opted out of going, I hear it was REALLY cold! The Wildcats now play Klein Forest Friday night at Klein stadium.

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Tammy said...

The pictures are great! We have been sick for a month. Fevers that won't go away, go away, then come back. It is some sort of plaque... but it will go away, and you will turn the corner :( I'm so sorry.