Friday, September 5, 2008


It's Friday!!!! *Hallelujah* I am finally posting a couple of pictures ... I've been reluctant, only because they cannot live up to Sheila's pics! :) The first pic is of Trey playing with Emery, or at least playing with her toys. This pic doesn't show what he reallylikes to do with that play mat. When Emery is not on it, he likes to take his dump truck that he can ride on and pretend that is his car wash. Innovative, right? The second pic is to show how big the 'lil diva is getting, in case you were wondering she is 7 weeks today.

So tell me...should a 2 year old be this vocal? Yesterday, I am trying to keep Trey out of something (pretty much a 24/7 job), and he looks at me and says, "Come on Mom, please!" Now don't leave out the tone in his voice, because he knows how to inflect it to where it sounds like whining, but I pretty much thought it was hilarious.

On top of that, last night Mimi was trying to leave (which Trey wasn't approving)...Let me set the scene: I'm washing bottles in the kitchen sink, Mimi is trying to escape out the back door, and here sprints Trey thru the kitchen saying, "MIMI, GET BACK HERE, DAD-GUMMIT!" Where might he get the dad-gummit from? (please excuse me from not knowing how to spell that word!) Daddy, where does he get it? lol. I guess its better than some other options. Well, that's all for today. Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. I HAVE A BABYSITTER TOMORROW NIGHT. Granted its only for Trey, but that makes a HUGE difference! I get to go watch Joe's football game, key word: watch...that doesn't happen with Trey in tow (God love him). After that, it's off to a coach's party...woo hoo! I might actually get to consume an adult beverage, WATCH OUT! :) Oh yeah, and don't pay attention to the fact that I am at school right now. HA!

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Grandma said...

I know Trey's Daddy's Pop is laughing at this from heaven! "DAD-GUMMIT" was a favorite expression of his - to which we 3 kids would reply, usually in unison, "is it sticky?"