Wednesday, September 24, 2008

:: Back to Normal ::

Well, it seems things are getting back to normal in our neck of the woods! We are back to school and the kids are actually glad to be back, or so I think! On Tuesday I made my students write a long warm up journal and tell me about their Ike experience. For the msot part, the kids all had the same thing to say..."I didn't think it would be that bad.", "I want my electricity back!", "Too much time/or good times with the family"...However, there were a few of my students that are not going to be back to normal for a while. Poor things. Luckily Cy-Ridge is a great place to be, and we have teachers hosting food drives, clothing drives, etc. to get these kids what they need. I LOVE WHERE I WORK.

I know the football coaches are soooo ready to get on the field. It's going to be an interesting next couple of days. It's the first district game, and it is Woods vs. Ridge (aka...Joe's school vs. Kristy's school!)...add to it, that it is Ridge's homecoming. I think I will be sitting on the Woods side, with my neutral white on. Only to stay off of the couch....yes, my wonderful/handsome husband has threatened me with the couch if he finds me in blue or on the Ridge side.

Emery Update: The girl has grown 5 inches in 2 months! CRAZY! Even the Dr. was shocked at how tall she was. She is also 13 pounds now...She is not going to be little for much longer. *tear* However, Monday night she SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT. Hallelujah!

Trey Update: As I'm writing this, (at midnight), I just put him back to bed after rubbing some vick's on him b/c he suddenly has a wheezy cough. No fever as of yet. I did notice a runny nose during bath time, but nothing major. Hopefully just allergies. Say a little prayer please, because I really wanted him to have fun this weekend. Other than that, he has been going 90 to nothing lately, and he is always making me laugh...even when he is making me want to pull my hair out! Something funny lately is his choice of songs to sing. If you know Joe and I, then you know we are huge fans of Texas Country music. Even though lately we have been big fans of Christian worship. Anyway, one of my old cd's in the car starts off with one of our favorite college songs. The song is '$50 and a Flask of Crown' by Bleu Edmonson. Great beat, just not the best message for a 2 year old. I know, I know...bad mommy. However, I die laughing everytime Trey gets in the car and wants to hear the 'Crown' really have to see him clapping and singing, it's a riot...note to self, get it on tape. My remedy: just tell Trey its a crown that you wear on your head. :)

Well, I have to go to sleep so I can get a couple of hours in before Em wakes up....HOPEFULLY.


Heather said...

YAY for Emery sleeping through the night for her Mommy, what a good little girl! Sleep is heavenly, especially when you have a baby;-)

P.S.-Your blog looks awesome!

The Jackson's said...

Girl, You have to show me how to make my blog as cute as yours!!!