Wednesday, September 17, 2008

:: I Dislike Ike ::

Finally! Actually, I think the saying is "Houston, we have Internet!" I have been climbing the walls to get access to some Internet! You take the 'necessities' for granted these days! Well, we just wanted to update everyone on our storm experience. Can I just say that God is Goooooood. We rode out the storm at home and came out on the other side with all of our shingles and power within 7 hours. I'd say that is the minority here in Houston/Cypress. My Aunt and Uncle also dodged a huge bullet with that last Eastern turn that Ike decided to take. They live in Jones Creek (Freeport), and when they evacuated they fully expected to be homeless when they returned. However, other than some debris and maybe a leak in the roof, their house and they are okay! Hallelujah! My grandmother, Nana, was evacuated to Hearne, Texas...that is another post in itself, but she is OK! Whew!

Joe has my camera to take some pictures of work that he is helping people do, but when I get it back I will be posting pics of our fun times. You might laugh at our sleeping arrangements Friday night. Here was our evening in a nut shell....

We made the executive decision that it wouldn't be our smartest move to sleep upstairs. However, we decide to put the kiddos down in their own beds until it is time to 'hunker down'. (SERIOUSLY, who coined that phrase...let me know, I want to hurt them) Joe had fallen asleep as well, so around 2 a.m. I woke him up to help me move us downstairs. By the way, my mom was with us because we didn't want her sleeping by herself at home with big trees around the house. We decided to move our full size guest mattress downstairs, along with Trey's twin trundle mattress, in hopes to be comfortable enough to get some sleep. (Sure thing, NOT!) You have to see this picture, because then we took our couches and surrounded the mattresses to create our own little bunker....we 'hunkered in the bunker' Once we got situated with candles, flash lights, battery operated tv we brought the kids down and turned out the lights. I closed my eyes some that night, but I don't think I ever fell asleep. Note to self, next time I'm leaving town in hopes to at least sleep. That was the most unnerving night I can remember in a long time. The wind was way scary and I kept thinking to my self that if the wind sounded like this in Cypress....what the heck does it sound like for those 'not so smart' people that ride it out on the coast??? Anyway, the important thing is that Trey and Emery slept thru the whole thing.

Long story short, my mom didn't have any damage...praise GOD. Didi and Brew have a neighbor's tree on their house...ANNOYING, especially when you've asked them repeatedly to cut it down. Other than that, our friends fared quite well and some are just waiting on power at this point. I wish I could wiggle my nose and make it happen. We have Jana, our refugee, hanging out with us until the Meyerland area gets power back. Jana's babies, Jay and Gino, have made themselves at home...and surprisingly enough get along with Beaux and Dixie (our pups). Well, stay tuned for pics and I'm glad to see everybody came out okay for the most part. Please pray for those less fortunate and that have months and months of clean up to go thru.

P.S. Something to lighten the mood...Saturday when I finally got out of the house to drive around a bit, I took Trey with me. Since Trey had seen so many pictures of the beach on TV, he had been saying, "Mommy, I want to go to the beach." Awww, how do I tell a 2 year old that his beach isn't going to be the same for a while, to say the least! My response, "Trey, buddy, we can't go to the beach. The hurricane gave it a boo boo." I thought that was easy enough to understand. Mission accomplished. That is all Trey is saying now. "We can't go to the beach. Hurricane gave it a boo boo." Didn't you know that? :)

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