Thursday, September 11, 2008

:: Take a Hike Ike ::

*sigh* Well, I was looking forward to my weekend plans of returning to Nacogdoches. Thanks a lot Ike. Now I get to stress out about having enough supplies. I guess I'm not really stressing, because seriously, what are we going to do to stop Mr. Ike? Let's see if we're is ready:


wood for windows...sorry, too much trouble. no check
pb & j...check
cold 'beverages'...workin' on it. semi-check.
oh yeah, water (2 - 12 packs)...check check, heading to the Vining's if need be.

I contemplated going to Dallas instead, and then talked my self out of it. It really looks like the whole state is going to get slammed...and I don't feel like being in a car all weekend. By the time we got there, we'd have to come back......can we say NO FUN!

I am curious what everyone else is doing...staying or going? Worried...not worried?

We're praying that everyone stays safe! Try and enjoy some of the weekend!


The Medford's said...

We're staying as of now! I need to get some supplies too but am dreading the madness at the store. UGH!!

Rachelle said...

We are doing the same thing girl. My list is very similar to yours. We are thinking about having a little hurricane party tomorrow afternoon. I don't know though. I guess we should get the movies and the cards out because all we have to look at is IKE. We were planning on heading to the DFW area to visit my new niece but you can't pay me to get stuck in evacuation traffic, going and coming back. Good luck to you girl, we will be in the same boat.

Kim said...

We are "hunkerin down" too!! We have pretty much gotten everything so we figure we can wait it out. We dont want to be in the long car rides either. Stay safe!

The Bente Family said...

STAYIN'! Not fun driving around all weekend, boarded up, made some chocolate chip cookies and rented some movies (until the power fails!). Stay Safe

The Van Fam said...

hi Kristy, hope y'all made it safely through the storm. what a mess. needless to say, we will not be hunkering down anymore. no, we will be hauling booty to get out of here!!

send me an email and i will forward you the pictures of the clothes i have left. the winter and summer clothes should work perfectly for your little one since she will be close to the same age. i have quite a few summer things for next year that i don't have pictures of but are brand new with tags on them that i don't think mackenzie will ever get to wear. =( so, i will let you know when i sell those as well.

my email is