Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beaux and Dixie

Well, I don't think our poor dogs have made their appearance on this blog, so I thought it was time. We have 2 shelties, Beaux and Dixie...Beaux, the boy, is a merle, and he looks more like an Australian shepherd...Dixie, the princess, is about half the size of Beaux but has twice the bite! They've had 3 litters, and they make very pretty puppies. ( We don't plan on having any more litters with Dixie (the keyword there is plan...Beaux usually gets to her before we even realize she is in heat!). The last week or so I've gotten compliments on their fur and how they stay so clean. I had to laugh...if you only knew the last time they got a bath, b/c I don't! Joe does an awesome job of making sure they get taken care of, b/c honestly with 2 kiddos they rarely catch my attention. Sad, but true. I decided to take a few pictures this morning....ENJOY.

Like father, like son...Poor Beaux. (He's a trooper)
The Aftermath of the Brush...yuck.

Goin' for a ride

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