Monday, September 29, 2008

:: NatureFest ::

Yesterday afternoon, Mimi and I took Trey and Emery out to a new development near our house...The Bridgelands. They were having a free event called NatureFest. I needed to get out of the house between loads of laundry to keep my sanity! :) Anyway, they had a few fun things for Trey to see. Emery really didn't care too much about it....she slept in the Bjorn the whole time. Trey got to see and pet armadillos, chase the animals in the petting zoo, and ride a pony for the first time. He loved it, to say the least. There are a few pics below. Emery got a few pics once we got home! Have a good week!

P.S. This coming Saturday, Lone Star College is having their annual Cy-Fest, which is a totally free event. Should be a great thing to check out! I've never been, but looking forward to it!


Rachelle said...

We had tons of fun there too. It was so good to see you there. I hope we run into you again soon.

Andria said...

We're watching the kiddos that weekend and are probably going to stop by Cy-Fest too! Maybe we can plan a time to meet up?

De-De said...

Love the pics....good seeing you all this week. De-De