Wednesday, September 17, 2008

:: Surfside *tear* ::

Today I stumbled across some photos that a firefighter from Surfside (near Freeport) took of the aftermath of Ike. He decided to take pictures to help those that cannot get back in see what their place looks like. I've only stayed in one beach house on Surfside, even though I grew up going to the beach. Basically, according to my dad, it was sin to go to Galveston. He grew up in Freeport, therefore Surfside is where we went. And we went A LOT. Seriously, I don't remember going to Galveston growing up. You know you say that you're not going to turn into your parents when you get older, but you do. I felt it only appropriate that Trey's first trips to the beach were to Surfside/Bryan/Quintana beach. So, as I sat glued to the TV last week, I was getting really nervous for Freeport. Our last trip to Surfside was in June before I was summoned to bed rest for 3 weeks. We went with our dear friends, The Brewer's, and stayed in a family friends' beach house. As many times as I had been to the beach down there, we had only stayed in that particular beach house a couple of times. We always had family down there, so we never had the luxury of renting a fun house. While we were there in June, I had randomly snapped a picture of the beach house from the beach side. Well, lo and behold the firefighter took a picture from the road after the storm. It is two sides of the house, but you can definitely tell the storm wreaked some havoc in that area. I hope everything is structurally sound, but not sure. There was a storage shed down stairs in the stilts, and unless I'm going blind, I don't see it!

Here are the pics:

Pre - Ike (June '08)

Post - Ike

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