Friday, September 19, 2008

:: Random Shots! ::

Okay, these are random...but worth sharing!

This was daddy's shot, with mommy's photoshopping.

This is where we 'hunkered' in our make-shift bunker.

Nope, Ike didn't phase Trey...
This is when we finally got out of the house...

I think delirium had set in...

Jana, our refugee...who still doesn't have power!

Jana's 'shallow water retriever'...Gino

Jay...the Queen > P.S. Don't mess with her bone!

Sorry Jana, have to tell Gino's story real quick...Gino looks like a chocolate lab, right? Until he stands up! Gino is a lab/basset hound mix. Therefore, he looks like a lab...with really, really short legs! Trey really took to our new 4-legged friends. Even today he has been asking, "Where's Gino/Jay?" Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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